Caroline Harris, 30, married Paul Wildes, 36, at Stapleford Park in Leicestershire, in December 2012. She says:

Pippa Mackenzie

"We decided to have a winter wedding as our chosen venue really suited the season. We wanted to make use of the cosy rooms and beautiful interior.

I'm a fashion stylist and was inspired by my love of jewellery. We had a colour palette of ruby red, amethyst and sapphire blue, and my bridesmaids had a choice of three dresses in the different colours.

The ceremony decor was inspired by the forest wedding scene in one of the Twilight films. The aisle was scattered with lavender to create a beautiful scent that would remind guests of our wedding.

We created a bar area called The Jewel Lounge with cocktails named after my 'maids. Each one matched their dress colour and was topped with either gold leaf, edible flowers or crystallised sugar, which looked like diamonds.

It took three people at Maki's Cakes a week to make the cascading sugar flowers for the cake. They'd originally estimated they'd need 200 sugar wisteria, but ended up adding another 250 and 100 sugar roses! The cake was made of fake tiers so we could display some of it at home.

We had an enchanted woodland-themed buffet. We served bite-sized food, including baby toffee apples and mini candyfloss on a moss-covered table.

The most memorable part of the day was when our nine-month-old daughter unexpectedly joined us at the altar. She wouldn't stop crying so I had to hold her.

My top tip: Hire a reliable wedding planner. We met ours at a fair at Stapleford Park so they knew the venue very well."

Photography by Pippa Mackenzie;