A beachside barbecue set the laid-back tone for the wedding of Kathryn, 33, a student account manager, and financial analyst Shane, 32. Kathryn says: "We stayed true to our love of the outdoors. Shane is Australian, so we wanted a venue here that matched the things we love about Oz - the seaside and rural beauty. The Place at the Beach, a small hotel and restaurant in Camber Sands, ticked all the boxes. There are beach houses near the hotel, so we stayed for a few days."

"We had only 34 guests. The thought of 100 guests staring at me was terrifying. It was important to us that the day was intimate, which is why we sat facing everyone during the ceremony, so we could see every single face."

"The venue inspired our beach-chic theme. The owners of The Place have great taste and the décor is gorgeous: vintage with a relaxed, beachy vibe. We decorated the tables with glass pebbles, shells and tea lights."

"The wedding was the first time our families had met. That was another reason for having a small wedding. Everyone got on so well - it was like a big family reunion seaside holiday with the bonus of getting married."

"Instead of traditional favours, Shane and I wanted to do something more meaningful. We gave the girls pink pins from a breast cancer charity and the boys blue pins from a prostate cancer charity."

"We were so relaxed all day. It's easy to stress about the little things, but you have to remember it's just one day. It's the rest of your lives that's important, not the colour of the bridesmaids' shoes! The one thing I'd change? The English weather. We had pockets of sunshine, but it did rain at some points. Still, it was only a small glitch in an otherwise fantastic day."