Lucy Forbes, 35, married Graham Proud, 33, at her father's house in Northamptonshire in June 2012. She says:

Joanna Brown Photography

"We wanted our wedding to have a festival feel because we started going out at Glastonbury in 2010. Graham proposed to me at the 2011 festival, and we had our wedding exactly a year later.

We were lucky my dad has a big field at the back of his house where we could have a marquee. He spent pretty much the whole year getting the garden ready.

Heirloom Couture made my dress from pieces of antique lace appliqued together. I wanted my gown to have a vintage feel but still be modern and stylish.

We chose our florists because they grow everything on-site and we could pick our flowers the day before the wedding. I wanted my bouquet to look as if I'd just grabbed it from a vase.

The giant cabaret heart was made by friends from timber and MDF painted red, with a metallic curtain draped in front and light bulbs around the edge. As we didn't have a band, it was important for the dance floor to have a focus.

Instead of a classic wedding cake, we asked friends to bake everything from a rainbow cake to heart-shaped jam biscuits. Graham's mum made a giant pork pie!

My top tip: It's never too early to get things sorted. We booked our photographer the week after we got engaged because having amazing photos was a high priority."

Photography by Joanna Brown Photography;