When you run a Fairtrade company, there's no question about the theme of your wedding - it has to be ethical. 'It wasn't a decision to be made, it's our life,' says 29-year-old Amy Carter-James who runs Guludo Beach Lodge, an eco-retreat in Mozambique, and parent company Bespoke Experience with Neal Allcock, 32. 'We agreed that whatever money we spent on the wedding should go to good causes.'

From invitations made in Mozambique to second-hand dresses and Fairtrade roses, everything was sourced by Amy and Neal from their African home. 'We considered getting married in Africa, but our older relatives wouldn't have been able to make it,' adds Amy. 'So we decided to hold it at my parents' house in Surrey, in winter - about as far as you can get from a wedding in the tropics!'

The couple still added a touch of Africa to their celebration. 'We had tepees with a fire inside rather than the traditional marquee, and the path was lit up by lanterns, the way we do it in Guludo. But when we arrived back from the church the tepees were full of smoke - we hadn't left the top flap open to let the smoke out - so we had the drinks reception outside in the cold.'

The guests sat down to traditional Mozambiquean food, which they cooked themselves over hot rocks at the tables decorated with Fairtrade roses in empty Peroni beer bottles tied with ribbons. 'The whole day had that carefree feel - I think I was the most laid-back bride ever, but I wouldn't have had it any other way.'