Rosie O'Brien, 32, married Hamish Shepherd, 31, at Hedsor House Estate in Buckinghamshire on 28th May 2016. She says:

Pippa Mackenzie

We chose Hedsor House as it's Hamish's family home, and my family live nearby. It was a dream come true for both families that we married and celebrated there.

We opted for a religious ceremony, but wanted it to be light-hearted. We had fun picking hymns such as Give Me Joy In My Heart, with a sprinkling of sweet anecdotes throughout.

We scattered petals from the car park through the woods to the church. It was simple but  looked really effective, and it added a level of excitement for our guests.

Mary Berry helped make our wedding cake. It was created by a friend, with Mary (also a family friend) looking over her shoulder! The cake was traditional fruit with extra brandy - it went down a treat.

We had lots of personal touches. I'm a big fan of popcorn, so we had a popcorn bar. And Hamish rode his old Vespa to the church.

My top tip: Get lots of your friends involved. It made the process so much fun - and it's free labour!

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