Jody Senior, 29, married Daniel Turner, 32, in Convento dell'Annunciata Medole, Italy, on 14 June 2013. She says:

Sara Guarracino

We wanted to get married outside but felt that the weather in Britain was too unpredictable. Because we both love Italy, it was an easy decision to take the day abroad.

We spent a week looking at venues in North Italy - the Convento dell'Annunciata was so stunning we ended up comparing every other place to it. We decided to have the ceremony in the walled Secret Garden - this had never been done before but it worked beautifully.

We had a white and green palette (I love the simplicity of white flowers), printed all the stationery ourselves at home and hung photos of us with friends and family around the venue as part of our decor.

Our guests loved the specially created cocktails and the five-course Italian meal, including pumpkin, champagne and truffle risotto - every plate was scraped clean.

Photography by Infraordinario;