Leila Latif, 26, married Andrew Matthews, 32, at The Savoy, London, on 2 August 2014. The couple also had a pre-wedding party at Leila's parents' home in Ascot the day before. She says:


Because so many guests were travelling across the world to come to our wedding, we wanted an amazing venue to make it an extra-special experience. The Savoy was grand enough to impress but also intimate, so friends and family could relax and enjoy the day.

We decided to have a party at my parents' house the day before, so that our families could finally meet. We arranged marquees and gazebos on the lawn filled with black Oriental furniture and Cambodian cushions, while my father organised an elaborate fireworks display set to Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture.

For Friday's party, my mum put together coloured organza bags filled with little gifts - homemade pinwheels, origami cranes and small tubs of salted caramel truffles.

Our planner, Bruce Russell, arranged for me and my bridesmaids to have a private yoga lesson on the morning of the wedding. It was so invigorating and relaxing, and set us up for the day perfectly.

Our florist, Zita Elze, is a real artist and created a romantic wild country garden theme for us, which flowed from room to room. To create our aisle, she laid down grass lined with moss and towering trees. She covered the ballroom in lanterns and flowers.

My top tip: Have an engagement shoot with your photographer. As well as being able to get to know them, you'll also learn how to look your best in all your wedding pictures.

Photography by www.photographybycatherine.co.uk