Cindy Zhang, 28, married Qinbo Ding, 28, at the Old Parsonage Hotel, Oxford, on 24 August 2014. She says:

I wanted the wedding to be simple and private - we only invited 20 close friends and family. Because the guest list was small, we needed to find a venue that would work with our numbers - it didn't make sense for us to hire some of the more obvious venues nearby that would simply have been too big.

We decided to get married opposite our old mathematics institute. Qinbo and I met at Oxford University, so we spent a big chunk of our relationship here.

Our overall theme was modern glamour.  Because it was a city wedding, I wanted the overall effect to be polished and elegant.

The palette was a mixture of earth tones with rich pinks and reds - it also perfectly complemented the hotel's gardens.

We decided to break with tradition and not have ushers or a best man. Instead, the maids were in charge of coordinating everything; we gave them mobile phones with guests' numbers. Because of them, the day ran so smoothly and was totally stress-free.

I sourced all our pretty decorations in a vintage bookshop in the centre of Oxford. We decorated the two reception tables with small jewelled photo frames with our photos and fresh flower petals.

The most memorable part of the day was cutting the cake. Our florists had decorated the gazebo as a surprise, and it was such a magical moment stepping over rose petals in an amazing dress, surrounded by scented candles, with my loved ones all around me.

My top tip: Trust the professionals, listen to the advice and take it!

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