Sophie Bambage, 25, and Stephen Isaacs, 26, wed in Leeds in August 2011.

I was inspired by Marie Antoinette and the palace of Versailles. I've been to lots of wedding with all-white colour schemes, so I wanted something different.

I always wanted to be married at home. My sisters were also married there (it has been a dream of ours ever since we watched the film Father of the Bride!).

The hardest thing to source was cover-ups for my bridesmaids, so I found embroidered gold fabric in a local shop, then asked a dressmaker to make them.

I was most proud of the reception room. The flowers were the colour of Laduree macaroons. The tables were laid with duck-egg blue damask tablecloths, gold-rimmed glasses and gold chargers.

The ceremony was the highlight. It felt intimate, despite the 300 other guests. We kept the decor simple, using white and green for the Chuppah so the focus would be on the service. Fans on the ladies' seats explained the meaning behind the Jewish service and included a who's who on each member of the wedding party.

We couldn't have done it without our wedding coordinator, Julier - she had fantastic ideas and was great at sourcing what we wanted. Plus, our caterer, Celia Clyne, who created a menu that perfectly complemented our wedding.

My top tip: Choose a florist with good props. Ours, Springbank, was able to provide all the chandeliers, urns and candelabra, which contributed to the palatial feel.