Sabina Vavra, 36, married Justin Cottrell, 40, at Imanta Resort, Mexico, on 24 May 2014. She says:

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"Finding the perfect location was everything to us. We chose a destination beach wedding so that we could spend a week with our closest friends and family.

We wanted the planning process to be as quick and simple as possible. We married five months after getting engaged - we even considered eloping but hated the idea of our loved ones not being there.

I bought three dresses before finding my Amanda Wakeley gown. I was on holiday in Orange County, California, and on a whim popped into a bridal shop for a veil - and walked out with a new dress!

We rented out the resort so our guests could stay there. It was just a short walk from our villa to the reception but my veil kept getting caught on the ground - in the end I cheated and asked for a golf buggy!

The colour palette was all white to keep everything looking clean and fresh. It was important to let the gorgeous backdrop remain the main focus of the day.

We decided early on to concentrate on the details that really mattered - the location, our guests and the menu. I didn't want everything to be perfect or to start obsessing over every little piece of decor.

Imanta's private chef created a five-course menu for us that was based on local Mexican dishes and fresh fish. We decided against having a cake and instead opted for a dessert bar with flan - my favourite!

My top tip: Take 10 minutes to walk away from the wedding with your new husband and look back on what you've created - it remains our clearest moment of the day."

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