Elizabeth Davis, 26, married Michael West, 26, at The Sonnet House in Leeds, Alabama, in the US, in May 2012. She says:

Ashley Vaughn/ The White Rabbit Studios

"We chose Sonnet House because the staff allowed me total creative freedom. The house was a beautiful backdrop, with various options in case of bad weather.

We picked a bright colour palette of golden yellow, seafoam and coral which worked well with all the natural details, such as the wooden table mats.

My dress will always be very special because the day we found it was the last time I saw my mother outside of hospital before she died. We were meant to be shopping for her outfit, but we saw it and she kept saying, 'This is your dress!'

The best bargain was all the help from the guests - the wedding was a group effort! My uncle officiated the ceremony and Michael's mother did the flowers.

The catering cost much more than we expected, but it was worth it - the food was amazing. We chose finger food based on our favourite dishes, including shots of gazpacho with crab claws, an antipasti bar and beef sliders (similar to mini burgers).

We had a groom's cake, which is an American tradition. Michael loves sandwiches, so we had a cake in the shape of a foot-long sub.

My top tip: Always think about your guests. Just before the wedding we realised we had no sound system and people might not be able to hear us say our vows! Luckily it was quick to arrange."

Photography by Ashley Vaughn at www.thewhiterabbitstudios.com