Isabelle Winkler, 35, married Edmund Colville, 35, at The Cotton House, Mustique, on 9 May 2013. She says:

My parents have had a home in Mustique ever since I was a child and so it didn't take much to persuade my husband-to-be for us to marry there.

We had a design with the words 'share the love' created for our stationery which represented everything about the day. We had our ceremony on a clifftop, with a choir who gave a gospel spin to the songs.

The service was filled with children running amok which just added to the fun. Our palette was white and fuchsia - the light is so good in the Caribbean that you can get away with colour combinations that might not work anywhere else.

Our reception was during sunset and pink lights came on just as everyone was finding their seats. The islanders helped us to make it the week of our lives.

Photography by Sophie Lindsay;