YeVonne Patterson, 29, married Alex Brown, 25 at The Cedars in Alabama, USA on 30 May 2015. She says:

White Rabbit Studios

We had planned to have an outdoor ceremony under a giant Oak Tree. However, Mother Nature had other plans. Instead, it was an intimate gathering of friends and family under a tent next to the historic plantation home.

I envisioned a laid-back, yet romantic evening with our family and closest friends. We loved the idea of the outdoors and huge trees with romantic lighting for dancing under the stars.

The colour palette was mostly mint and blush colours. I love neutrals and wanted to keep it simple so natural springtime colours were a must.

Over the centre of the dancefloor, we hung flower garlands that cascaded around three beautiful dreamcatchers made from the doilies created by my aunt.

The décor was beautiful, but it was most important to us that everyone enjoy our "unplugged ceremony" and reception. We didn't want everyone to be worried with photographing or recording the ceremony, but rather be in the moment with us so we requested everyone have their phones and cameras put away.

My top tip: The less opinions, the better. Also don't stress it, because not even the rain can ruin the best day of your life!

Photography by White Rabbit Studios