Nina Papalia, 25, married Ben Stephenson, 24, at a private home in Victoria, Australia on 14 February 2015. She says:

Ben and I both really value family. Having the wedding at a private venue allowed us to personalise it down to the finest detail, and being in a hospitable home added an extra element that couldn't have been replicated elsewhere.

I had three bridesmaids. Two were my sisters and the other my closest friend. I did not have a maid of honour because I love and honour each of them dearly - in my eyes; they were all maids of honour!

Ben and I were a good team as far as jobs and decisions went: we divided tasks evenly and planned together. We realised we have generous family and friends, who helped with everything from videoing the day to creating the wooden details.

Neither of us are car enthusiasts, and we knew the cars wouldn't be a big feature, so it felt more natural for us not to fork out to make a big statement with the transport. It was a special moment being driven by a friend, as we got to reflect together in peace on our experiences throughout the day.

Ben's dad conducted our ceremony, which was really special. The most memorable part to us both was having so many wonderful people gathered together to celebrate with us.

The wooden elements that were made by Ben and our friend Ricky worked really well on the day as they blended perfectly between the outdoor surroundings and the grand indoors. The canopy of lights hung outside and in the trees also looked stunning as the sun went down.

My top tip: Enjoy yourself. Take moments to reflect on where you are and why you're there. The day flashes by without slowing down, so we are glad we have photos and videos to re-live the day.

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