Dilpa Sthankiya, 33, married Ben Davies, 32, at Larmer Tree Gardens, Salisbury, on 9 August 2014. She says:


"We wanted a wedding that combined a traditional ceremony with a relaxed and lively reception. In the end, we decided on a garden-party theme to make the most of Larmer's gorgeous grounds.

As we're not religious, we opted for the venue's Lower Indian Room instead of a church. It's a small colonial-style structure set back into the gardens - it reminded us of the houses in Singapore where we live.

Our colour palette consisted of yellows and navy blue. The sunflower fields in Toulouse inspired the yellow - it's where we stayed before Ben proposed in Barcelona.

We hung yellow and ivory paper lanterns in the pavilion and jam jars filled with LED lights on the trees surrounding it.

The personalised save-the-date tea towels were a real hit with our guests - we held a few back to keep for ourselves.

One of my favourite bands growing up was The Bluetones. Ben thoughtfully organised the lead singer, Mark Morriss, to play an acoustic set during cocktail hour.

Our 'flare mixologist' (think Tom Cruise in Cocktail) served Dilpa's Gindian Sling - a take on the Singapore sling - and Ben's Highland Fling, a whisky-sour cocktail.

My top tip: Take a step back if you're feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes just stopping for a breather makes you think differently."

Photography by www.andyrapkins.co.uk