Noa Clark, 30 married Rob Schult, 35, at a private winery in Napa Valley, California, in October 2011. She says: "We fell in love with the venue's rustic outdoor setting. We'd always wanted an autumn wedding, and October in Napa is a beautiful month because the harvest is occurring. The ceremony took place outside with a row of vines as the aisle.

The theme of our wedding was 'dishevelled Tuscany.' We couldn't decide on a colour scheme so everything was mismatched. We included shades or orange, fuchsia, green, silver and champagne-it worked surprisingly well.

The cake was inspired by our beautiful stationary. We chose details that brought a pop of colour to the natural setting. Our florist was fabulous in creating an array of bright floral arrangements that were still very elegant.

Due to space restraints, we couldn't have a formal dinner with waiters. Instead we had a simple alfresco meal on long farm tables, with everyone helping themselves.

Our ceremony incorporated old and new family traditions. My father gave me away and my stepfather married us. I wore the same earrings as my great aunt when she got married-although she eloped in a red dress on a white horse!

My top tip: It really helps to get a wedding coordinator for the month or even the day of your wedding. It's worth every penny, especially when your using multiple suppliers and providing transport for your guests."

Photography by Leah McCormick;