Emily Sheetz, 31, married Justin Mandel, 33, at Coworth Park in ascot, Berkshire, in September 2011. She says: "An elegant country-house wedding was the perfect way to celebrate our new home in the UK- I'm originally from Pennsylvania and Justin is from California.

We knew we wanted to get married at Coworth Park as soon as we drove up to the main house- all the wild flowers! Its proximity to London and Heathrow airport was convenient for guests; many could stay there, which was a huge plus.

The hardest thing to source was a runner to cover the 75m path down the garden aisle and across the flower field.

The cost of the alcohol was a surprise; we didn't expect to pay restaurant prices.

The live music was expensive but it created the vibe we were looking for.

We wanted to throw the best party possible to make sure the trip was worth it for our guests. Many said it was the best wedding they have ever been to. Our florist was instrumental in helping us set the theme and the staff at Coworth Park were amazing at keeping track of all the different elements.

The budget was high but much of it went towards making sure our guests were well cared for over the weekend.

My top tip: planning a wedding is a daunting task. Plot it out on a calendar starting backwards from the wedding day, and assign one task to a day or week."

Pictures by Sim Canetty-Clarke; www.simphotography.com