Alexandra Parker, 22, married Paul Hunter, 24 at a secluded treehouse in Atlanta, USA on 29 October 2014. She says:

We were aiming for something non-traditional, memorable and low-key (we had just six guests). We're both wedding photographers and we know how stressful the big day can be, so we were determined to avoid all of that.

Our three-year-old daughter loved the idea of us getting married in a treehouse, and she was proved right as the atmosphere it created was truly magical.

We also stayed there on our wedding night - yes, it was a little chilly, but it was incredibly beautiful sleeping and then waking up among the treetops.

I loved the thought of being married in a vintage dress that had been worn by another bride - it would be a dress with so many memories. I fell in love with my '40s gown as soon as I saw a photo - I knew I had to have it.

Walking down the aisle to The Troggs' With A Girl Like You and seeing Paul waiting was the most memorable part of the day, as well as our daughter asking for cake during the ceremony!

Finding an ordained minister was the most stressful part of planning. The treehouse itself is three hours from our home and we weren't familiar with the area. Eventually we found one by word of mouth just a week before.

My top tip: Don't over-plan, but focus on what's most important - happiness!

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