Kaitlyn Klipowicz, 28 married Bruno Guerreiro, 33 on a farm in Kansas City, Missouri, US on 23 May 2015. She says:

"We envisioned a simple, personal ceremony outside followed by good food, drinks and a big celebratory dance party at the barn. We chose Fresh Air Farm because we fell in love with the site and appreciated that they offered the whole package - from catering to props.

Bruno and I did most of the planning and tasks together, but a couple of his specific projects were designing and building the seating chart and keeping track of our budget. My mom helped out too with various errands and both our families helped decorate the venue.

For the venue we bought living herbs from a local planting store and placed in dessert trivets. The floral centrepieces were assembled by me and my mother, using flowers from the grocery store as well as some of the extra dried lavender.

Comfort, personal style and the ability to "re‐wear" were all factors in our decision to let the bridesmaids choose their outfits. We did give them a few guidelines and shared with them some examples that we liked, but ultimately they chose their own ensembles.

We are really thankful for all of the family and friends who offered their time and talent toward our ceremony and reception. Their participation made our wedding day feel even more special."

Photography by www.alealovely.com