Holly Gibson, 30, married Danny Stupple, 30, at Pale & Interesting, The Beach Studios, Kent, on 13 July 2013. She says:

So many venues we looked at were 'nice enough', but there was always at least one thing that was 'off' (at one, I didn't like the carpet!). But when we saw The Beach Studios we knew it was perfect - during our first visit we had the wild parakeets that live in the area swooping down from the trees, which I absolutely loved.

The Beach Studios made for an amazing summer wedding. The whitewashed barn where we married looked great in the sunlight and there was a meadow filled with long grasses where we pitched our marquee. It was so stylish.

The day's theme was The Secret Garden - one of my favourite novels when I was a child. Even our marquee - with its gold-star-draped ceiling, mirrored cushions and white furniture - was a nod to the main character, Mary, who spent most of her childhood in India.

I tried on more than 70 dresses before finding my blush couture gown - I couldn't make a final decision. After the ceremony I swapped my heels for silver Converse trainers - well, we were in the middle of a field!

We didn't want a formal sit-down meal or seating plan, so hired sofas and stools, and put blankets and cushions on the ground to encourage our guests to relax and mingle.

To make the evening even more magical, I filled the meadow with fairylights and candles in jars - it took us a year to collect them all!

For our favours, I bought 100 glass bottles and made a love potion for our guests (gin with pink lemonade). It went down a treat.

My top tip: Make sure that you do your research when buying decor - if you shop around you can find some real bargains. 

Photography by Sarah Lafford at www.assassynation.co.uk