Veronica Gromilund, 35, married Edward Drewry, 34, in Spain in July 2012. She says:

"I'm Spanish and we met in Madrid eight years ago.  We didn't expect everyone to travel to the wedding, but nearly everyone made the journey.

The wedding was held in the ruins of a Franciscan monastery in the town of Ayllon. Its north of Madrid and has some amazing Roman architecture.

Edward had to jump through a lot of hoops to prove he could get married in Spain! You need at least two to three months to put all the paperwork through.

I found my dress by chance on eBay- I wasn't even engaged at that point! It was a '30's vintage wedding dress made from champagne-coloured silk velvet.

We did the flower arrangements ourselves. I bought the flowers in Madrid the day before the wedding.

It isn't traditional to have a bridal party at a Spanish wedding. So while Edward had seven ushers, I had no official bridesmaids, just flower girls."

Photography by Rai Robledo;