Ingrid Skiaker, 27, married Alexander Lott, 26, at Akershus Castle, in Oslo, Norway, in January 2013. She says:

"It's traditional in Norway, where I'm from, for the bride to get married in her hometown. We live in Australia so some guests had never been to a winter wedding.

We had our ceremony in Akershus Castle Church, which is 700 years old and overlooks the harbour. We're very lucky - my father is a colonel in the army which meant we could marry there.

I chose my wedding dress to match my great-grandmother's cameo brooch, which I wore on my gown. I also wanted my shoulders covered in church, so I had a tulle top sewn on to my dress, which I then removed for the reception.

The decoration was inspired by tree branches heavy with snow, so we covered birch trees with gypsophila.
The cake was decorated with mini kangaroos and koalas. It was a five-tier carrot cake with a raspberry terrine filling and covered with white chocolate wafers.

We booked a horse and carriage at the last minute because the vintage car we had organised cancelled on us. The carriage was once owned by Queen Victoria.

My top tip: Have a point of contact at the location to do the planning. I'm lucky that I had my mum living in Norway."

Photography by Robert Lawler;