Victoria Kesterton, 28, married Joshua Creighton, 29, at St Patrick's Church, Earlswood, in November 2012. She says:

I wanted a traditional wedding with a twist. We chose the church first as we have a family connection to it - we then found a venue close by that could hold all 150 guests.

My mother, who is a dressmaker, made my gown - the love and detail she put into it was amazing. The vintage style was perfectly offset by the embroidery, which was designed to create an ethereal, organic effect in silver and gold thread.

Josh decided to wear tartan as we thought this would be a nice reference to his family's heritage (his dad is Scottish).

Our tables were named after movies that we both loved, including Star Wars, Sense & Sensibility and Harry Potter. Each table then had a book of the same title propped up by a mini easel painted gold.

The place settings comprised of a glossy red apple, with each guest's name written in gold and silver pen. We also left quizzes on the tables to encourage the guests to get to know one another.

We provided everyone with a hearty feast, starting with a selection of tapas to share. During dessert, the waiters activated the dry ice hidden in the table flowers and guests were treated to an apple-scented mist!

My top tip: Don't assume suppliers will understand your requirements immediately. Be prepared to provide a clear written brief and plenty of mood boards.  

Photography by Studio Rouge;