Melissa Prosser, 30 married Bobby Collazo, 35 at King Plow Arts Center, Atlanta, in the US in February 2013. She says:

"I'm obsessed with The Wizard of Oz  - I even have Dorothy's ruby slippers tattooed on my foot.

On the day, we wanted everyone to feel like they'd stepped into the Emerald City so we used green lighting and made yellow table runners with coloured ribbons to represent the rainbow.

Because we couldn't get poppies at the time of year, we used red anemones in my bouquet, instead.

My bridesmaids wore emerald-green gowns as a homage to my favourite character, the Wicked Witch of the West.

My father made the cake - his special four-flavour pound cake - and we added the Dorothy and Tin Man toppers.

Bobby surprised me with the Yellow Brick Road aisle runner and I walked down it (wearing red shoes of course!) to Somewhere over the Rainbow."

Photography by Project Duo;