10 Last-Minute Pre-Wedding Beauty Saviours

It’s a month until your wedding and you’re desperately trying to remember what you can’t remember! Have you managed to get everything done? Has every bridesmaid got a pair of shoes? Sometimes, it’s easy to forget to look after ourselves in the weeks before our own wedding. But you're likely to find yourself in need of some TLC. Here are a few things you can do to pamper and prep yourself in the month before your big day. You'll also find some serious saviours to fix any last-minute beauty troubles you may be having. Our number one tip, though? Drink LOTS of water – all day, every day, in the month (at the very least) before the big day. It helps with pretty much everything.

1. The Ned Spa Vitamin IV

The Soho House Group's London-hotel spa offers the best vitamin IVs around. Elixir's VitaDrips® are a blend of vitamins and minerals which aim to promote wellbeing. There are many different treatments to choose from but, for the budding spouse, we recommend the Youth Boost or one of the Hydration treatments to get radiant-looking skin and an overall wellbeing boost. In the final week before your wedding, when you're tired and perhaps a little nervous, one of these could give you just the boost you need. All VitaDrip® treatments are carried out by qualified nurses, giving you the best and most professional experience.

2. An Organic Pharmacy or Elemis facial

A last-minute facial is ideal if you want to pamper and rejuvenate your skin in the weeks before the big day. The Organic Pharmacy does an Urban Facial, designed to deep clean and brighten skin in just 45 minutes – perfect for a busy bride or groom. Elemis, on the other hand, do a Sensitive Skin Soother facial, which is great if you want to reduce redness and protect skin from stressers.

3. Sarah Chapman sheet masks

If you want that facial feeling but don’t want to part with your money, sheet masks are a brilliant way to spoil your skin in the comfort of your home. Each one is a thin (face-shaped) piece of cloth or paper that's soaked in skin-boosting ingredients. They're a long-time Korean beauty staple and, now, the rest of the world is catching up. You may look a little like a superhero when you put a mask on and you’ll definitely feel like one afterwards. Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis Instant Miracle Mask contains Argan and Moroccan lava clay, both of which give you glowing skin. For £43 you get 4 sachets, so you can use them once a week for a month before the big day to get the best results.

4. Dr Dennis Gross face masks

Another way to replenish your skin yourself is with a face mask. Dr Dennis Gross has a fantastic Hyaluronic Marine™ Hydrating Modeling Mask for dehydrated skin, which leaves you with a glowing complexion. The mixture (you mix the magical ingredients yourself at home) contains marine algae and hyaluronic acid, which lock in water, drive moisture to the surface of your epidermis and strip away impurities. Afterwards, just simply peel off! You’ll instantly feel the benefits with this quick and easy method.

5. Teeth whitening

For that pearly white smile on your wedding day, look no further. If you want to get your teeth whitened before your wedding day, get them done about 2-3 weeks for the best timing. Ask your dental professional if they offer the treatment, which can either be done in the surgery or with a handy take-home kit.

6. Hairdreams® extensions

We all know that planning a wedding can get a bit stressful and, for some people, this can can mean their hair thins or becomes a little frazzled over time. A brilliant and easy solution to fix this is is by getting hair extensions around 2 weeks before the wedding. They make your hair look thicker and, if you want length as well as volume, can be blended seamlessly into your natural hair. Nobody will be able to tell if you see a good hair extensionist, such as London-based Louise Bailey (who can also arrange home visits). And, when using specialist tape-ins like Hairdreams® Quikkies, not one strand of your natural tresses will be damaged during application or removal.

7. Clinique's exfoliate and hydrate body duo

Consistent exfoliating and moisturising is a great habit to get into in the few weeks before your wedding (but also generally). After all, you want your skin to be soft and smooth for the big day. Exfoliation helps boost circulation and ward off cellulite, and it is also good if you want a longer lasting tan (as the sun won't just be bronzing dead skin cells). Clinique’s Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliator is a refreshing and invigorating hero product. Couple this with the Deep Comfort Body Moisture, and you’re bound to have baby soft, hydrated skin at your wedding.

8. A James Harknett spray tan

Whether you’ve been in the office for too long or you just turn more a lobster-red than a bronzed-honey tone in the sun, some people find it disappointing when they just can’t catch those rays. A way to get around this is to book in for a spray tan that'll leave you with an even glow. The best time to have one is 48 hours before your wedding. This way, the first layer will have washed off and the rest settled into your skin on the actual day. James Harknett, who's based in London, has worked with innumerable brides and celebrities. If you’re looking for a beachy glow, he’s the man for you. If you’re not based in London, however, make sure you do your research (and have a trial) first!

9. Nail repair

When you’re busy rushing around and doing lots of last-minute tasks, your nails can suffer. They can become thin and, of course, when you’ll be flashing your wedding ring on the day, you want your nails to be immaculate. A way to give them a loving boost at home is to use nail repair rescue kits such as IBX Repair, or CND’s Rescue RXx. Over a 4-week period, your nails should become a lot stronger and healthier. To finish off, use a hand cream to keep your paws soft and smooth.

10. Colouring your hair

This is definitely one that we recommend getting done a month (minimum) before the wedding. If you want to touch up those roots or put a few highlights through your hair to enliven it, this is the best time to do it. If it goes wrong, you'll have time to correct it. And if you’ve seen Bride Wars, you’ll know what we mean. Though we’re sure your hair won’t end up turning blue... Hopefully.