10 Signs They Might Pop The Question

Still can't tell whether that question is going to be popped - or not..? Discover 10 sure signs that they might be about to ask you to marry them

23 Feb 2018

So, you've been together for what you think is a long enough time to know this is it, and maybe you've even talked about wanting to settle down and spend the rest of your lives together. But you still can't tell whether that question is going to be popped - or not! Read on to discover 10 sure signs that they might be about to propose…


1. They keep talking about your relationship - past, present and future

If your partner seems particularly nostalgic, as well as super excited for the future, it's a pretty big giveaway that they're thinking you're The One.

"Having been together for nearly nine years, every occasion had become a possible opportunity for a proposal, so I regularly put that thought to the back of my mind. Then, on the eve of our ninth Christmas together, we were exchanging gifts and Gareth had set up a treasure hunt for me in our flat. At the end of the hunt, I found a sort of 'memories' book, which he'd filled with photos from our relationship. As I was turning the pages, I noticed his was heart beating so hard through his shirt, it was fit to burst! It was then that I knew he was going to ask me to marry him." - Cara Hepburn

2. They've taken the reigns organising a special trip or outing

If your partner has taken a sudden interest in arranging a romantic day, evening or trip for the two of you, sound the alarm.

"Three months into our relationship, Jamie took me to Berlin for the weekend - around Christmas time. It was where he first told me that he loved me and, later on, he also confessed that as he'd watched me dance in the snow in a park there, he'd known that I was the one. Fast forward five years and I had booked a trip for us to go back to Berlin, this time in the spring. I can't pretend that it didn't cross my mind that it would be a perfect time for him to propose, so I did have my suspicions… Especially when he started to walk (out of the blue!) to the spot in the park where I had danced in the snow… From that point on I knew what was happening, but it didn't make it any less special. It was just so wonderful that he asked me to marry him somewhere that was so important to both of us." - Harriet Jones

3. They're acting strangely

This is a pretty obvious one. If your guy or gal is freaking out over brunch or trying to engineer you to do something specific (which doesn't make sense to you at the time), it might just be because they've got more than scrambled eggs on their mind!

"It was my birthday, we had both taken the day off and he was acting SO weird. We went to a lovely Italian café and he was so anxious that I immediately knew something was up. When he finally plucked up the courage, he said it so fast and sort of shoved the ring box towards me. Like an embarrassed schoolboy!" - Toni Leo

4. They're saving money

If he or she is working harder than usual and/or counting pennies, it could be because there's a big investment on the horizon. From purchasing a ring to ordering the most expensive champagne or paying a hefty hotel bill.

"I had a feeling it was going to happen the weekend it did, as he'd booked us into the Ice Hotel in Sweden, which would have otherwise been a very extravagant birthday present. But it still took me by surprise when I was making up our bed and turned around and found him on one knee on the ice! Chilly!" - Becky Duffin

5. There's suddenly a big interest in your jewellery tastes

If your partner, friends or family start asking about your favourite jeweller, jewellery styles or maybe even want to 'borrow a ring', there might be some engagement bling coming to you soon.

"I had absolutely no idea. As a result, I nearly had a panic attack when he asked me, to the point where I almost passed out and had to stick my legs in the air to keep the blood pumping in the right direction! Not exactly the response he was looking for… But did say yes, of course!" - Tessa Buckman

6. They want to spend more time with your families

If your families are unusually joining you on a nice outing or holiday, or if your partner is spending a lot more time talking to your parents, they're probably prepping the in-laws or have invited them there for the moment they pop the Q!

"I got suspicious when I saw he was putting on his best trousers and fixing his hair nicely - merely to take the dogs for a walk with our parents… But by the time we'd been walking for an hour and reached Petersham Nurseries, I'd decided I was being ridiculous and put the possibility out of my mind. Then, while our parents headed to the café, Tom said he wanted to 'show me something' and led me into this secret garden that's usually got its gate locked. It was so beautiful, and I immediately knew: this is it!" - Jess Allen

7. They're looking at you adoringly

If you're acting perfectly normally and minding your own business, but you turn to your partner and they've got serious love hearts in their eyes, prepare to say YES.

"My fiancé and I were in Thailand when he proposed. We travel quite a lot and had never really spoken about getting engaged, so I didn't suspect a thing. On the day, I was sitting in my bathing suit eating watermelon (post-swim), when he walked over looking at me so intensely. Then he got down on one knee! For a good few seconds I still didn't know what was happening - then I started to tear up." - Lauren Burvill