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10 Things All Maid of Honours Need To Do On The Wedding Day

Everything you need to add to your wedding-day checklist

18 Apr 2019

Have you been appointed maid of honour for an upcoming wedding? Congrats! You’re going to have a fantastic excuse to spend more time with your bestie, talking all things flowers, cakes and wedding decor.

Not only can you lead the march in planning the most amazing hen party, but you’ll get to know the bride's other pals better, too. Being a member of a bridal party is an amazing way to meet new people and make new friends.

But, as we all know, with power comes great responsibility. Depending on the sort of wedding your friend is having (and whether she’s using a planner or not), being a maid of honour can feel a little bit like having a second job. But when the big day itself rolls around, your work is almost done. This is the final step and it's time again to roll up your sleeves and ensure your friend has the best day possible. When it's all over, you may find you miss your special role.

Here are 10 things that a maid of honour needs to do on the wedding day...

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1. Play wardrobe attendant

If the bride wants her best buddy on hand for moral support on the morning of the wedding, be there with a smile and a cup of tea (or a glass of bubbles!). If she’s stressing about how her hair/dress/skin looks, do your best to soothe her!

2. Boss it

Not to encourage the perception that the maid of Honour is bossy or demanding, but being, well, assertive, is a brilliant trope in this scenario. If the bride or groom are visibly anxious about, say, the number of chairs at the reception venue, just offer to put in a quick call. Your friend will be beyond relieved to have the help.

3. Organise the bridesmaids

On the day of the wedding, call or text the other bridesmaids to make sure they’re awake and ready to have their hair and make-up done.

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4. Hold the bouquet

When the bride and groom are exchanging rings, stand forward to hold her bouquet.

5. Sign the marriage certificate

If asked to do so, the maid of honour will often witness and sign the marriage certificate, along with the best man.

6. Be on standby at the wedding venue

At any wedding, guests will be asking where to leave presents or coats and bags. Be available to point them in the right direction.


7. Be the photographer’s assistant

Ah, wedding photos. They can be endlessly difficult to orchestrate. You might need to tear certain relatives away from the canapés to join the bride and groom for a few snaps.

8. Keep an eye on the time

If the wedding’s going gangbusters and guests are too busy laughing, chatting and drinking to notice that the first dance is about to happen, it might be time to start herding everyone into the right room. The best man can help with this!

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9. Make a speech

This totally depends on whether you’re comfortable giving a speech, and if the bride would like you to. But it’s a nice way of balancing out the score, as the best man’s speech will likely focus on the groom.

10. Get on the dance floor

This a fun one – sort of. If you’re not naturally extrovert, knock back a glass of fizz and encourage guests onto the dance floor. It's disco time!

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