UK jewellers Goldsmiths have got the answers you've been looking for. A survey the luxury brand recently conducted revealed some very interesting facts about how your wedding party really feel. If you want to avoid *rolled eyes*, snide comments and heavy sighs as your invites land on doorsteps, read on to discover how best to. Scroll down to find out the 10 of the biggest bugbears of wedding attendees. To put it bluntly, these are the things weddings guests hate.

Ed Miles

1. Being made to go abroad - twice

Wedding guest spends are rising, with the average person paying £215 for their outfit, wedding gift to the couple and accommodation. In fact, 12% of those asked had spent a staggering £500 attending one wedding. So, you can imagine how frustrated many people are (39% of those asked, to be precise) when they're invited abroad for a hen or stag do when they're already attending your destination wedding. We're not all made of money!

2. Screaming children

Surprise, surprise, no one loves the sound of distressed babies or frustrated toddlers at a wedding. 36% of the survey named this as their biggest bugbear. So, bear that in mind when you hear mothers lamenting the fact that their little tyke didn't get an invite.

3. Drunken relatives

34% of you said that rowdy, obnoxious, inebriated family members are their biggest nightmare at a wedding. Let's face it: fair enough.

4. Inconvenient location

Is your wedding venue perched on the top of a mountain? Is the nearest train station a 45-minute drive away? Is it situated precisely in the middle of nowhere with no taxi companies or accommodation nearby? Well, then, expect a few miffed guests. Not everyone can drive.

5. Long, 'cringeworthy' speeches

Ouch! We feel for the fathers, husbands, best men, best women, best mums, brides etc. who poured their hearts and souls into their big day speeches, only to met with such disdain... 29% of those asked by Goldsmiths felt this way. Our best advice to budding speech-makers? Keep it heartfelt, funny and succint.

6. A long ceremony

26% of the survey find ceremonies can drag on a little bit... The best way to avoid this? Say your vows pithily but meaningfully, choose a couple of lovely readings (one amusing and one emotional usually works well) and get ready for your newly married kiss. This is particularly appropriate if you're hosting a summer wedding - if it's hot outside, it's likely to be during your ceremony, too.

7. Long waits for food

"Why are we waiiiitiiing..." But, seriously, don't keep your guests waiting too long. 25% of those asked seem to find it awkward sitting at a table with people they've only just met and nothing to occupy their hands (and mouths). Besides, the order of the day usually means that guests haven't eaten for quite some time, by the time they sit down. If you want to avoid Bugbear 3 (drunken relatives), give them something to eat.

8. Not receiving a +1

22% of guests wish they were able to bring a +1 to their friends'/family members' celebrations. Here at Brides, we're big believers that having strangers staring back at you as you walk down the aisle - especially if your budget is tight - can be pretty impersonal. Reserve your right to invite those you love (and keep your costs down).

9. Being asked for money as a wedding gift

17% of those asked say they're annoyed when an invite specifies a cash donation rather than a gift list. With wedding gift companies such as Prezola, The Wedding Shop and The Wedding Present Co. all now incorporating this option into registered gift lists, it's fast becoming the norm for couples to ask for money (especially given how much they're spending on the day - couples who were asked spend a whopping average of £17,000 on it). N.B. 58% of the brides said that they're disappointed when they've asked for money and receive gifts instead. We're on the fence.

10. When a wedding falls on a weekday

It's tough when you have to give up annual leave for someone's wedding - particularly if you aren't that close to them. 13% of people asked said that this was the worst wedding-related thing that can happen. Our advice? If your dream venue isn't available on the weekend, just wait! Weekend weddings are the best ones and you don't need to rush. If it's a budget-busting decision to host your wedding on a weekday, why not look to save money elsewhere, instead? It'll keep your guests happy.

So, there you have it. 10 things your guests hate about weddings. Now you can plan your big day conflict-free! (Well, maybe.)