Five day juice fasts are big news at the moment - whether you're looking to detox, loose a few unwanted pounds or even help improve your overall digestive wellbeing, 'cleansing' is the buzzword for serious health aficionados.

Without the nutritional know how, time and kit, this hasn't been for everyone, but with an abundance of juice delivery companies popping up over the internet, it's now more accessible than ever. We wanted to test one out for ourselves and settled on the 5 day Soupajuice Cleanse, by the London-based company Soupajuice.


This five day cleanse consists of a mixture of juices, smoothies and soups (four per day). A box is delivered the night before the start of your first day; each bottle neatly labelled with instructions. Every day starts with an 'immunity juice' - a surprisingly delicious concoction of super green seasonal vegetables with added ginger, lemon and apple to take away the bitterness. The second juice is a smoothie - more filling and designed to beat any serious hunger pangs.


These are incredibly yummy and you will find yourself looking forward to this each day. I loved the 'Fill me up Smoothie' which contained a delectable mix of kale, almond milk, date, banana, strawberries and ground almonds (this doesn't sound very appetising, but trust me, it's scrumptious!)

The afternoon juice ranges from beetroot to carrot and all equally delicious and, again, surprisingly filling. The key to this cleanse is that it really is simple, easy to follow and most importantly you don't feel like you are missing out on a meal.


The evening soups were definitely a highlight: having a gently warmed soup such as my personal favourite; Pea and Mint, was extremely tasty and obviously jam packed full of natural vitamins and minerals.

Masterminds behind Soupajuice, Danni and Lisa tell me they wanted to take the pain out of cleansing in the hope that more people will try it and enjoy better health: '"Having cleansed a lot ourselves, we found the toughest time of day was dinner time, which is why we have incorporated delicious soups into our menu. This means you can still sit down to a satisfying meal at the end of the day with your partner. We spent a long time testing and developing our drinks and also consulted a nutritionist to make sure they are nutritionally balanced, alkalizing and tasty."


I am now completely converted - the proven dramatic health benefits are no myth: In five days, I noticed weight loss, brighter skin, hair and nails, clearer mental clarity and of course improved digestion. This is definitely a great detox to consider in the run up to your wedding.

Lisa advises that brides-to-be should try to cleanse as often as possible in the lead up to their big day: "Cleansing is a great way to get kick start your pre wedding health and beauty regime. In just five days you will see improvements to your skin and weight among other things but the real benefit comes from the mental clarity and motivation you get to stay healthy. Our advice would be to make your last cleanse before your wedding as close to it as possible."


Soupajuice; The 5 day Soupajuice cleanse is priced from £329. For more information visit