6 Essential Tips For Curating Your Wedding Gift List

We asked experts at the UK's biggest wedding gift list brands to give you their words of wisdom regarding creating yours... You might just want that honeymoon contribution, but there are lots of fantastic reasons to ask for household products, as well. Read on to find out what they are

08 Jun 2018

Lots of couples getting married these days are 1. spending lots of money on their own wedding; 2. living together for at least a year before they do; 3. more interested in travel than in buying a house. For this reason, wedding gift list companies are broadening their offering. From honeymoon contributions to experiential vouchers, couples can add non-tangible items to their wedding gift list. However, lots of guests hate when they're asked to give money, rather than an heirloom piece of homeware or the like. This leaves couples wondering what they should put on their list, particularly if they think 'they've got everything they need already'. Read on to find out where to start when you're curating your wedding gift list. Sure, include some of those cash gifts in there, but we've asked the UK's biggest wedding gift list brands to give you some words of wisdom. Remember, wedding gifts are a tradition because loved ones want to contribute to your newly married home. It's a beautiful sentiment, even if all you want is help getting to that incredible swimming pool you spotted on Instagram.

The Wedding Shop

“No two couples are the same and neither are their lists. But we do give the same solid advice to all of our customers: think about the gifts that will fit into your lifestyle and play a key part in your future together. It’s time to retire the leaking kettle, swap out those Ikea plates you’ve had since university, and invest in quality items that were built to last. For example, a lovely pair of champagne glasses are perfect for starting a glassware collection that will play host to dinner parties and family events for years to come.”

We heart Riedel glassware's elegant champagne glasses for years of toasts and celebrations


“It may sound obvious, but many couples choose not to have a gift list and it can be a problem for wedding guests. Family and friends want to buy a gift to commemorate your big day, and gift lists are an established tradition. Don’t be shy, ask away! Besides, after the confetti has settled and the honeymoon tan is fading, your wedding gifts stay with you for the rest of your life. High quality, beautifully designed household items can easily become heirlooms, which is really special. Choose wisely and, in twenty years from now, your children might be using them!”

We heart Vera Wang's Blanc Sur Blanc collection of heirloom-worthy kitchenware

The Wedding Present Co.

"We are big believers in having a wedding list of physical presents that you will love and use for years to come. Whilst we all love the idea of a honeymoon fund, there is something incredibly special about knowing that in 20 years’ time you will still be using the china you received for your wedding present; a daily reminder of the most special day of your lives - so romantic!"

We heart pure white bone china that'll never go out of style

John Lewis

"We always advise couples that guests really want to give a gift that’s personal to them. To help customers create a personal list which offers their guests a wide range of choice we encourage them to consider all options from traditional wedding gifts, such as dinner sets, to Go Pros or suitcases to use on their honeymoon, or gifts for their hobby, like a telescope or camera. The big shift we have seen in recent years is that couples are choosing technology and, in particular, 'smart' home products over traditional homeware. In 2011, our most popular gift list product by value was a cutlery set, whereas, in 2018, 1st and 2nd place are taken by smart speakers!"

We heart Sonos speakers for surround sound music and smart home technology

Harrods - personal shopping department

“Traditionally, a wedding gift list is filled with household products for the bride and groom to ‘set up home’. But times have changed. While the more traditional homeware and luxury bedding by leading brands such as Frette and Baccarat are still demand, in recent years we have seen an increase in popularity of experiential gifts, such as fragrance or wine masterclasses, post-wedding beauty treatments at the Wellness Clinic, and once-in-a-lifetime honeymoons by the in-store travel specialist Abercrombie & Kent.”

We heart a Baccarat's beautiful beautiful crystal vases – something you'll use forever more, but probably wouldn't buy for yourself