70 Best Eye Make-up Tips Ever

From big-day pretty to evening sexy (and a sprinkle of beachy shimmer), top make-up artists share the secrets every bride should know.

01 Oct 2018

1 Apply colourful shadow to your lids and lower lash lines with a damp brush, then switch to a dry brush for the creases so the colour fades away. Nick Barose

2 While your mascara is still wet, quickly push your lashes up with your fingers to curl them. Sir John

3 Fix a broken eyeshadow palette with rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Move the shards back together, spray, then press lightly and allow to dry. Francelle Daly

4 You can make any colour eyeshadow multi-dimensional by layering two textures of the same shade. Press a shimmery powder over a sparkling cream. Mally Roncal

5 Use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to blend and buff cream shadow. Pat McGrath

6 Brighten up your eyes by framing them with highlighter. Tap a Champagne or gold cream above the tails of the brows and just over the cheekbones. Mally Roncal

7 Line your upper waterlines (the inner rims of your eyelids) in black to define the eyes and the lower ones in beige to make your eye colour stand out. Francelle Daly

8 To create the perfect wing, draw a dot about two millimetres up and out from the outer corner of each eye, then connect the dots to your lash lines. Charlotte Tilbury

9 Wearing one colour on the whole face – like dusting the same blush across lids and cheeks – is so pretty because it doesn’t look done up. Gucci Westman

10 Using only creamy formulas – such as golden taupe or peachy-brown cream shadows – around the eyes gives you a really beautiful, dewy, healthy effect. Diane Kendal

11 Keep using black mascara on top, but switch to brown on the bottom. It’ll make your eyes look bigger. Tom Pecheux

12 Apply your concealer in thin layers and it won’t cake: swipe a little on your finger, press it against the back of your hand to remove the excess, then tap it
onto the skin. Laura Mercier

13 Wear under-eye masks, like gel patches, while you do your eye make-up. They’ll act as eyeshadow catchers and de-puff the area at the same time. Patrick Ta

14 Wrap an ice cube in a cloth napkin, hold it under each eye for five minutes, then gently tap the bags under your eyes a few times to break up puffiness. Jillian Dempsey.

15 Coat your brows twice with brow gel and they’ll look fuller. Sweep from the
tails to the inner corners – then, using what’s left on the wand, brush them back into place. Maribeth Madron

16 Prep your eyelids with an oil-free moisturiser, then press a shimmery powder shadow on top. Your eyeshadow will look 3D. Pat McGrath

17 When it’s early in the morning – or any time your eyes are red or pink – line the inside rims with a beige pencil. It acts like concealer for your eyeballs. Pat McGrath

18 You can make any eye make-up look warmer – and sexier – by brushing bronzer through the creases. Dust a little around the perimeter of your face, too, to tie your whole look together. Patrick Ta

19 Mascara wands with long bristles are good for getting into the roots of the lashes – and if you manage to really tint the roots, your lashes look even longer. Tom Pecheux

20 Brows can change your whole face – plucking the arches gives an instant eye lift. It’s not science, but it works so well, it bears repeating. Charlotte Tilbury

21 Tap a lip balm over the centre of your lids to add a healthy-looking shine that makes you seem more awake. Yadim

22 Dash a brown pencil between your lashes to create invisible liner; add brown mascara for a natural look. Quinn Murphy

23 Run an angled eyeliner brush over the tip of your pencil and press it along the roots of your upper and lower lashes for a thin, precise line. Diane Kendal

24 Gold sparkle on the eyes brings light to the gace (and complements matte lipstick). Apply a gold cream around the inner corners or acress the lids. Tom Pecheaux

25 Brush a golden-taupe powder through your creases, then tap highlighter on the centre of your lids. It’s an easy way to frame your eyes. Pat McGrath

26 Hold your mascara wand vertically and run it across your lower lashes. They’ll never turn out spidery. Sir John

27 A shimmering nude shadow can brighten up your eyes, as long as it’s a touch darker than your skintone – if it’s lighter, it looks frosty. Troy Surratt

28 Pressing too hard with your mascara will leave wand marks on your lids. Use a light touch, and clean up any mistakes so you don’t look like you put your make-up on in a car. Jillian Dempsey

29 Shadows and liners with a bit of shimmer always stand out more than
matte ones on dark skin. Nick Barose

30 Put the most brow filler (whether you’re using gel, powder or pencil) on your arches. You want them to be darker than the tails or inner corners for a natural look. Maribeth Madron

31 Avoid using concealer on the lower lash lines, where almost everyone has fine lines. The second you smile, it will crease. Sandy Linter

32 Liquid lipstick – in beige, brown or fun colours – has a velvety texture that’s the most beautiful thing ever on the eyelids. And if you rub your eyes, it won’t move. Violette

33 Instead of safe brown shadows and pencils, try amber. It’s a warm nude, which makes it look sultry, and the orangey undertones will emphasise green eyes. Charlotte Willer

34 Warm metallic shadows, like copper or gold, pick up gold flashes in the iris and reall light up cool blue eyes. Charlotte Tilbury

35 Cover up stubborn dark circles by applying a peach colour-correcting cream with a damp sponge so that it’s sheer. Tap your regular concealer on top. Bobbi Brown

36 After you’ve got black mascara on your top lashes, add a colourful one (like blue or burgundy) to just the tips. It’s subtle, but brings attention to your eyes. Pati Dubroff

37 Comb your brows straight up and trim only the longest hairs. Stagger the length as you go so that your eyebrows don’t end up getting a crew cut. Kristie Streicher

38 Put concealer under your eyes, then pat it down with your fingers or a brush to blend. Rubbing wipes concealer to the side, leaving dark shadows exposed. Vanessa Scali

39 Lay down the shape of your eye make-up with pencil first, and then add powder on top. Pat McGrath

40 Using bar soap and a spooley [a standalone mascara-wand-type brush for grooming brows] to keep your eyebrows brushed upward is an old trick from the ’60s that will never let you down. Megan Dugan

41 Colourful eyeliner is an easy way to experiment with bold shades. Add a matte taupe powder to the crease to frame the eyeliner and make it stand out even more. Pati Dubroff

42 When your concealer gets crinkly, tap it with your finger or – better yet – a little eye cream to help smooth it back out during the day. Tom Pecheux

43 Go over your eyeliner with a cotton bud dipped in moisturiser – this will give your pencil a cooler, lived-in effect. Diane Kendal

44 Wiggle mascara into just the roots of your lash to frame your eyes in a no-makeup make-up kind of way. Pat McGrath

45 Brightening your brow bones with a little concealer – instead of shimmery shadow – makes your bone structure look prominent, without obvious highlighter. Kate Lee

46 Powder formulas that have a slight shimmer will blend more easily – and look more natural – on the skin than matte shades. Vanessa Scali

47 If your lids are oily, prep them with blotting papers. Your mascara and eyeshadow won’t smudge throughout the day. Nick Barose

48 The best concealers have peachy undertones that neutralise the blue tint
in most dark circles. Avoid anything that looks remotely yellow – it’ll stand
out on skin. Jillian Dempsey

49 Dab gold cream shadow on your brow-gel brush and comb it through the brows to give a healthy-looking shine. Mally Roncal

50 Smooth foundation over your lids instead of nude shadow. It already matches your skintone, so makes your eyes seem larger. Diane Kendal

51 Unless the ends of your eyebrows dip far below the inner corners of your brows (which can drag down your eyes), leave their length alone. Joey Healy

52 Iridescent cream shadow gives eyes a pretty, wet finish. Smudge it on with your fingers. Fulvia Farolfi

53 Using two liners to define your eyes – black on top, brown on the bottom – is incredibly sexy. Tom Pecheux

54 Apply a colourful shadow over a pale cream one and the colour will look super vibrant. Put it on top of a dark cream shadow and it will look smokier and cooler. Sarah Tanno

55 If mascara weighs down your eyes, focus on the middle of your upper lashes and go easy on the outer corners. Jillian Dempsey

56 Colourful eyeshadows look amazing on dark skin, especially when the colour is super saturated. Pick creams and powders with oomph. AJ Crimson

57 If you have wide-set eyes, tap highlighter over the outer corners of
the lids; if you have close-set eyes, tap it on the inner corners. Matin

58 Eyelash curlers need time to work – press yours against your lashes
for 10 seconds longer than normal and your curl will last longer and look better. Grace Lee

59 Lining the waterlines in dark blue gives the same effect as black in a less
severe way and emphasises the lighter flecks in brown eyes. Charlotte Tilbury

60 Eye crayons allow you to build intensity really quickly without having
to layer and layer – and they won’t fall and flake like powders. Nick Barose

61 Anything with red undertones – metallic ruby, ruddy bronze – is dazzling against green eyes. Pair it with lots of black liner so you don’t wind up looking tired. Charlotte Tilbury

62 If your eyes are downturned, skip mascara on the lower lashes – it can
drag your eyes down. Troy Surratt

63 You can make small eyes appear wider by stacking a shimmery black
pencil right above matte black liner. Mally Roncal

64 Never. Over. Pluck. Brows are the pillars of the face. Charlotte Tilbury

65 Have tons of cotton buds and oil-free make-up remover on hand to
clean up winged liner. Mai Quynh

66 Everyone needs a black cream shadow with shimmer – in one second, you can smudge it over your lids for instant smokiness. Nick Barose

67 For a rock’n’roll look, rim eyes in black pencil (and lay it on thick), then diffuse the pigment up and out with a domed shadow brush. Pat McGrath

68 Apply eyeliner after eyeshadow, then blend the line up into the shadow. The idea is to go from dark to light, eg black liner into brown, then copper,
like a smoky sunset. Sophie McMullan

69 If your smoky eyes just aren’t smoky enough, use whatever pencil or powder you’re working with to connect the upper and lower lash lines with a V at the outer corners. Jillian Dempsey

70 Don’t underestimate eye drops – when the whites of your eyes are bright, they contrast with smoky shadow to make your eyes look huge. Troy Surratt