Last weekend I went to a gorgeous tropical-style wedding - all bright colours, exotic floral arrangements, plus fruit and butterfly decorations. If you fancy doing something similar, check out which is great for clip-on butterflies, for wire decorations and glitter and for favour ideas (I love the mini birdcages). Fruit arrangements are a great alternative to floral centrepieces - plus you can eat them (check out To tie in your cake with the theme, buy a simple white ready-iced cake (try Sainsbury's) plus a cake stand, and decorate with exotic lilies or other bright flowers. And if you want to go all-out with the tropical theme, use bright tablecloths and napkins (try, and top off the look with jewel-coloured garden parasols. They aren't cheap but they look super effective. Try Let me know if you've come across any great places to pick up tropical-themed bargains. Enjoy!