With Christmas almost upon us a sumptuous event for me this week has been the Brides magazine annual Christmas luncheon. This is historically held at glamorous locations such as Claridge's and this year it was the equally illustrious Connaught in Mayfair. The Hotel and its Michelin-starred cuisine are wonderful, but really it's the people I adore! On many occasions I've had the honour of sitting next to Nicholas Coleridge CBE, the Managing Director of Brides publishers, Condé Nast. I regard this as a huge privilege, although I find it equally daunting to make intelligent conversation with such a highly astute man - and me a mere artisan! The lunch is also a great opportunity for all the top designers and store owners to get together properly. You might think the bridal industry is vast, but there are fewer of us than you'd imagine. So, we don't get too competitive, knowing we each have our own signature style. Usually at shows our frantic agendas preclude any opportunity for chat. But, at the Brides Christmas luncheon, we can finally unwind, catch up on our news and drink champagne, until we finally fall out to Fenwick's for a retail fix! I've often purchased some beautiful dresses in this relaxed and slightly tipsy state! Oh, the glamour of it all! One of my most memorable Brides lunches was about 10 years ago when I sat there feeling unusually lethargic... I skipped the shopping, (something was definitely not right) and left to catch the train home. To my husband's incredulity, I asked to dine in the restaurant car and promptly downed another three courses! A week later the mystery was revealed... as we discovered we were expecting twins!

Hope you enjoy your Christmas!