Alessandra Steinherr's Make Up Tips For Brides

20 Nov 2017

Sourcing skin-prepping treatments, finding the right foundation and tracking down that perfect nail hue are just a few of the many things brides will deliberate over in the build up to their big day. Glamour's Beauty Director Alessandra Steinherr has all the know-how, having helped countless friends with their wedding makeup; a fountain of knowledge on all things beauty-related, these are some of her top tips.

Avoid a sticky lip

Sticky lip gloss on a windswept wedding day: not only a nuisance but risky when you're being photographed at all angles. Fenty Gloss Bomb is a good non-sticky option - Alessandra rates this product from Rihanna's beauty line so much she bought three.

Choose foundation carefully

The question on many a bride's mind - what foundation to use on this all-important day? Alessandra say's it's worth trialling a few, giving each a couple of test-runs. Obviously, the right foundation will differ depending on where you're getting married. For warm weather weddings Pro longwear by Mac won't budge. For those wanting to add glow, Armani Luminous Silk provides a dewy finish as well as coverage. Suffering from stress-induced or hormonal breakouts? Try Oxygenetix, which provides high coverage but doesn't look too thick. For total 'disasters', Estee Lauder Maximum Cover is your go-to.

Look like your best self

Don't try something (a new eyebrow shape, for example) that is vastly different from your usual look - on your wedding day, of all days, you want to look like you. Alex's key natural-looking essentials include Bobbi Brown Instant Full Cover concealer, Laura Mercier Candleglow foundation and Tata Harper Very Popular cheek and lip stain (which works on pale to olive skin). For defined eyebrows she recommends Eyeko Brow Game Strong.

Try a peel

If you don't want to book a professional peel, Sarah Chapman Liquid Facial Resurfacer works well on pores and dehydration. Anything too aggressive ought to be avoided.

Waterproof your eyes

While Alex say's it's difficult to find a mascara that stands up to tears/rain/sweat, she suggests Eyeko's formulas as they're difficult to remove. Otherwise, she recommends subtle lash extensions. Test drive them three months beforehand to make sure you like them.

Guest-proof your face

Given that a bride will inevitably be the centre of attention at her wedding (receiving dozens of cheek-pecks from guests) keeping something on hand (a powder or bronzer compact) is advisable - it will help keep that complexion clear of lipstick smudges.

Brush up

Alex recommends Hourglass for their range of make-up brushes. Buffing in foundation with a brush will create a look that has more longevity.

Eyes or Lips - or both?

While Alex doesn't believe there's one hard and fast rule about wearing (or not wearing) a strong lip with a strong eye, she suggests that every bride should keep their own comfort level in mind.

Nail it

Alex's collaboration with DryBy includes designs specifically thought up for brides. CND Shellac in Negligee is a good 'bridal base'. If not Shellac then opt for a gel - while by no means a disaster, chipped nails would be a shame on such a big day.

Grooming tips for grooms

Any groom hoping for wedding-day skin to rival their wife-to-be should focus on maintaining a decent regime. Fenty Universal Powder is good for men as their faces tend to be oilier than womens'. Alex say's a bit of concealer 'never hurt anyone', but intensive treatments should be done at least a month before the big day.

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