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It's not difficult to see why they say Silent Beach, home to Amanwella, is the most beautiful in Sri Lanka.

The deserted arc of golden sand is lined by coconut palms, the rustle of which and the lapping of the waves are the only sounds that break the peace.

Equally serene are the resort's 30 zen-like villas - glass-sided with minimal interiors, a plunge pool and long terrace. Dining is a real highlight, from fresh seafood straight off the boats at the Beach Club, to the famously good Sri Lankan curries (a must-try for breakfast!) in the main poolside restaurant.

Do venture to the nearby Mulkirigala Rock Temple, which rises 210m out of the jungle, with its intricately painted caves, which have been carved out of the huge rock and filled with Buddhist icons. You'll get quite a workout as you climb the 500 steps to the top.

WOW FACTOR: Laze by the pool for a never-ending supply of treats, from coconut ice cream to shots of watermelon juice.

FLIGHT TIME: 10 hours.

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They say Silent Beach, home to Amanwella, is the most beautiful beach in Sri Lanka, and we won't disagree.


On this arc of sand backed by coconut palms sit the resort's 30 zen-like villas. Their clean lines contrast with the bay's rugged beauty and each has a plunge pool on one side and a terrace with views of the beach on the other.

Food wise, apart from fresh-off-the-boat fish, the mainstay here is curries, even for breakfast - all delicious.

Take a trip to Mulkirigala Rock Temple - the walk up the 500-plus steps to the top is tough but it's worth it for the views. Then head to the spa suites that preside over the resort from the top of the hill; only the sound of crashing waves breaks the peace.


WOW FACTOR: The stream of treats - a scoop of coconut ice cream, a shot of watermelon juice - that arrive as you lounge by the pool.

FLIGHT TIME: 10 hours

WHEN TO GO: Winter, Spring

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