From stars of film and TV to the royals, Andrew Prince's wedding tiaras, combs and elegant crystal earrings have adorned celebrities and royalty alike. The famous jeweller took time out from creating the finest crystal jewellery in the world to discuss gems, jewels and things diamond-related...


What's your inspiration?

"My grandma was my biggest influence, she told me: 'You never regret an extravagance, you only regret something you didn't buy'. She was the epitome of elegance and beauty and this is something I try to channel within each collection: there is so much ugliness in the world and I love to create pieces to make a woman feel her most beautiful."

What's your favourite era?

"I love the heavily embellished jewellery of the Edwardian and Art Nouveau period - jewellery became the ultimate fashion accessory."


Who would you most like to style/dress?

"For icons past, it would have to be Helena Rubenstein - she was the ultimate innovator. With regards to current celebrities, it would have to be Emily Blunt - she has the most beautiful neck and back."

What are your top tips for accessorising a bridal gown?

"A wedding shouldn't be about fashion, it should be classic - photo's should be timeless. Most girls are scared of jewellery but on your wedding day, you need to look like yourself but more polished. Proportion is everything with jewellery, so it depends on the gown, but sometimes less doesn't always look good - you always need detail. Be careful of huge earrings, you don't want to look like a drag queen! Always consider your look from the back, detail is important."

What are the current bridal jewellery trends?

"Statement hair accessories and combs, statement earrings and necklaces with a drop down the back. Obviously thanks to the recent film release, the 1920's Great Gatsby era is a huge trend at the moment."


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