What bride doesn't want to shape up for her wedding? With strapless dresses revealing long neglected arms and those gorgeous slinky silk numbers showing off every little lump and bump... It's no wonder our latest reader survey reveals that 89% of brides-to-be are embarking on a fitness regime in the run up to their big day!


But pounding the treadmill at the gym or doing push-ups in the park isn't for everyone - trust me, I know: I'm a complete exercise-phobe. Brides editor Jade Beer can testify to this fact, having spent months dragging me out to join her personal training sessions which saw me beg, cry and crawl back after an hour of army-style mud-covered torture. Not for me - and I wimped out at the very first opportunity.

When I saw a 'Back to Netball' flyer in my local library, I found myself curiously inspired. I always loved netball at school: being tall I was a natural defender, and being lazy I could happily stay within a very small area of the court as goal keeper, whilst still making myself useful to the team with the odd dash around the court to get the heart rate racing.


Back to Netball was set up by Sasha Corbin - the beautiful face of the England Netball team - back in 2010, and now over 30,000 women are playing weekly sessions all over the country. There are no extortionate sign up costs, and you just pay £3 per session.

Since starting in January I've been hooked. Women of all ages and sizes gather in our local school hall once a week for one hour of tactical and strategic exercises followed by match-play.

Nothing will relieve the stress of your table planning or relation grumbles more than the competitive spirit of a netball match. And I challenge you to find another exercise that is so much fun while getting fit.

So grab your bridesmaids and head down to your nearest session for a bit of wedding team bonding... just remind them it's a non-contact sport if you suspect they're not so happy with your choice of bridesmaid dress!


Back to Netball; www.englandnetball.co.uk/my-game/back-to-netball