So the save the dates have finally been sent out yesterday. We're officially getting married! 'Although it was more a website launch, than a save the date, wasn't it?' quipped the boy. Very funny... But now I can get onto important things, like the dress! Although I'm not adverse to a skirt (in fact I'd estimate about half my wardrobe is dresses), when it came to thinking about a WEDDING dress, I didn't even know where to begin. So I started with everything. Big, skinny, lace, chiffon, strapless, demure. At first I felt more preposterous than princess. Standing in a huge skirt, with my black tights still on beneath ('It's too cold to take those off' I was told by the assistant - well it was Glasgow in December and there was snow on the ground outside.) But then out came a shorter gown - cropped to about mid-shin. 'Ballerina length' I was told. Suddenly I felt free and dainty. Plus, my practical brain said, it wouldn't get muddy as I flounce around a garden in Oxfordshire. So this week the serious hunt for a dress begins - four appointments in one week. Bring it on. Ballerina-length dresses of London watch out. I'm coming for you.