Let them eat… flowers! Blooms are synonymous with weddings so they make an apt - and beautiful - addition to wedding cakes.


Florist grade flowers don't make the cut as they often aren't suitable to eat, so opt for edible petal varieties.

We adore this creation from Bee's Bakery; a dark chocolate and orange cake, covered with ivory buttercream with a confetti style edible petal finish a.k.a the confetti cake. Delicious *and* super pretty!

They're a budget-friendly option too, as Bee says; "Edible flower petals are an absolutely beautiful way to decorate your wedding cake. They're available in a huge range of shapes, sizes and colours, and they're very cost effective compared to sugar flower decorations."


Bee, who also makes naked cakes decorated with fruit, nuts and flowers or edible bloom garlands, offers her top tips for floral cake perfection:

- Choose your petals carefully. Florist grade flower petals, even if taken from edible species of flowers, are not safe for human consumption, as they'll often have been sprayed with pesticides and fertilisers - even if you rinse them in water, they're still not safe to eat.

- Buy your petals from a certified organic grower in your country. This ensures that they are safe to eat - they'll have been grown in real soil without pesticides or fertilisers, neither of which are safe to eat. We source our flowers from Maddocks Farm Organics, an award-winning grower in Devon.

- Plan ahead! Talk to your grower about which flowers will be in season on your wedding day - this'll make sure your flowers are the perkiest, brightest and most beautiful ones possible.


- Plan out how your cake will be decorated. Edible flower petals should be added to your cake at the last possible moment, as they'll wilt after a while at room temperature, especially if it's a warm sunny day. Store your petals in an airtight container in the fridge until you need them - they'll be at their perkiest this way.

- Don't use the stems, only the buds and petals. Avoid pushing the stems of your blooms into the cake - as the flowers will have been stored in a (non-food safe) bucket of water during transportation, and their stems will have soaked up lots of bacteria in the process.

- For a confetti style of cake, mix some petals into the icing before you decorate, this will give you a base layer of beautifully flecked icing, and helps you to go for a really random (and therefore pretty) finish.


- For a garland style of cake, add your flowers at the last possible moment, to ensure they're at their perkiest. You can still decorate, tier up and display your cake, but just leave a little gap for adding the flowers as late as you can.

- If you're using fresh cream be careful that the more intensely coloured petals don't bleed their colour - for example, deep red rose petals.

- Be BOLD with your colour choices - even the brightest of petals still look delicate and pretty on your cake, so don't be shy!

- If it's a really hot day, consider planning for the cake to make a grand entrance so you can add the flowers just before you cut / serve it.

- Be careful during transportation! We wrap our assembled, boxed cakes in catering grade clingfilm, which creates a little micro climate inside the box, keeping everything nice and cool!

From £3.20 per portion; for more information visit www.beesbakery.co.uk.