I'm about to start working on a big BEST OF BRIDAL BEAUTY feature, and I need your help! My job as a beauty editor isn't just to deliver the news on all the latest products, but to test, select and recommend the items that will be invaluable to you in the run up to your wedding. If a mascara lands on my desk, I put it through rain and tears (and a snowstorm recently!); for new foundations, I check how they look in flash photography, the ease of application, range of colours and longevity - the works. As for skincare, I have a team of guinea pigs (from friends to family and work colleagues) who try out lotions and potions not just for a day, but for a four-week stretch to see if it really does what it says on the tin. Budget is a big deal to me: when you're planning your wedding you can't risk spending your precious pennies on something that won't perform. Of course, many products are subjective - take fragrance: one girl's fruity floral is another girl's toilet cleaner - so all we ask is that you trust our judgement and test these products out on the beauty counter for yourselves. The thing is, we can all be biased. Personally, I don't like powdery foundation. I don't want to smell like a flower shop. Glittery body lotions make me cringe. I really can't stand French manicures. But I'm all too aware those items might be your dream must-haves. So this is where I need your help. In my BEST OF BRIDAL BEAUTY feature, I'll be including your favourite products too - those essentials items that you simply can't get married without. It could be anything, from an anti-shine powder to the perfect eye pencil, a great cheek stain or brightening eye cream - because something very special can slip through my net. A few months ago I started a thread in our Chatroom make-up sectioncalled 'The Essential Item' (over 2,000 of you have visited that page!) so you can add your favourite product to that discussion or simply write in the comment box below and tell me why your nomination is so brilliant. Thanks in advance - I can't wait to see your suggestions!