The Best Non-Surgical Face & Hair Treatments For Brides

01 Nov 2017

Whether you're interested in a cosmetic procedure to neaten up any nose insecurities or make your eyes even brighter and more beautiful than ever, we've got the low-down on the best cosmetic procedures for your face, and the people to see. These doctors listed are fully accredited (it's always imperative to double-check a practitioner's credentials) and are all experts on how to help you look like the very best version of yourself.

Best For Neat Noses

Dr Tapan Patel, London With a mantelpiece cluttered with Aesthetics awards (the beauty world's equivalent of the Oscars), Dr Patel's gleaming white Phi clinic on Harley Street is still the benchmark for all-round excellence. You might also want to check out his new outpost, The Wellness Clinic at Harrods, which specialises in treatments that require little to no downtime, such as the latest laser facials.

Rather than just chasing lines and wrinkles, Dr Patel wants to improve the message your face projects to the world. He talks about making you look less sad, less angry, less tired, more feminine or even slimmer. He is also the person to go to for minor adjustments to your nose: he can get some great outcomes smoothing little bumps and humps, building up flat noses and even straightening out kinks with a discreet amount of filler. 'This is not a substitute for surgery, but for smaller issues, or to bring more symmetry to a face, it works a treat,' he says.

THE LOWDOWN Botox, from £195; filler, from £500 (020 7034 5999;

Best For A Winning

Dr Uchenna Okoye, London

With an international following thanks to a stint as the resident dentist on the TV show 10 Years Younger, Dr Okoye specialises in bespoke dental solutions and has many ways to straighten out a crooked smile. There's Invisalign (transparent braces that are far more subtle than metal railway tracks) and also the New York Smile, a removable three-month brace system (great for brides with a deadline), which uses an Inman aligner that can be taken out so you can beam away undaunted in your wedding photos. Bring your mum for a Smile Lift, which can involve bonding teeth to thicken up the enamel (this has the added bonus of subtly plumping lips) or lingual braces that work to reposition teeth that have naturally moved inwards with age, thus widening the cheeks and opening up the face.

'Older women are finally getting the message that teeth hold the key to anti-ageing as they are the 'scaffolding' of the face,' says Dr Okoye. 'If you are considering having fillers before the wedding, see me first, as straightening your teeth can take years off your face and you might not need anything else.'

THE LOWDOWN Invisalign, from £3,500; New York Smile, from £2,200; bonding, from £400 per tooth; lingual braces, from £11,000 top to bottom (0844 824 8166;

Dr Saul Konviser, London

As lead dentist at Dawood & Tanner's new general practice just off Baker Street, Dr Konviser has plenty of affordable ways to perfect your smile. These range from replacing silver fillings with undetectable white resin ones and repairing chips and cracks with porcelain crowns and veneers, to the in-house Zoom! teeth-whitening treatments that come with take-home trays and gels for subtle brightening - because, according to Dr Konviser, 'Glow-in-the-dark teeth are really not a good look.' The in-house hygienist, Fiona, focuses on stain removal; a few blasts from her jet polish and you'll be able to convince your other half you're not a coffee addict. More complicated cases will be fast-tracked to the specialist sister clinic on Wimpole Street, which offers everything from adult braces to gum remodelling and implants. The best way to avoid a trip to the dentist? 'Beware of the pre-wedding juice cleanses,' says Dr Konviser, 'as acids in fruits are terrible for the teeth, making them more brittle and susceptible to cracks.'

THE LOWDOWN Consults, from £68; teeth whitening, from £499; white bonded fillings, from £155; veneers and crowns, from £940 (020 7935 3016;  Best For Lips Dr Rita Rakus, London

All brides like to be spoilt, but London's Lip Queen is taking things to the next level with George Telford (Princess Anne's former butler), who is the new front-of-house coordinator at her Knightsbridge Clinic: on hand to polish your engagement ring, post your wedding invites and serve you tea on a silver tray while you work your way through the transformative menu of treatments. Dr Rakus is known for her immaculate lip work, and most people queue up for her signature Princess Lip, which she injects while you're sitting up, in front of a mirror. She uses a very soft filler to gently lift the corners of the mouth and unpucker smoker's lines, or a slightly thicker gel to rebalance heavier top or bottom lips and lift bulldog folds. Dr Rakus also has a network of top doctors around the world who often guest consult at her clinic - the most recent being Dr Raj Kanodia, who is rumoured to have treated some top Hollywood stars. THE LOWDOWN Lip augmentation, from £490; filler, from £490; Botox, from £265 (020 7460 7324;

Best For Bright Eyes

Dr Maryam Zamani, London

Although you might visit to talk about your face, it's hard not to hit up Dr Zamani for fashion tips, too, as there's often a fabulous Emilia Wickstead dress peeking out from under her white coat. An oculoplastic surgeon (which means she specialises in the eye area), Dr Zamani likes to tailor treatments, and prescribes natural-looking 'tweaks' to make you look like a better version of yourself. She is famed for her Triple Boost Hydrabright - a cure for tired eyes and suitable for anyone over 25, it uses a multi-pronged approach that includes mesotherapy, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma therapy) and hyaluronic acid filler to blitz dark circles.

Factor in an extra five minutes for her brilliant lifestyle advice, as she has tips on everything from must-read books (such as Dr Mark Hyman's Eat Fat Get Thin) to the right supplements to take: 'Solgar Calcium is amazing, as people who have a deficit of calcium age much faster,' she says.

THE LOWDOWN Triple Boost Hydrabright, £1,700; (020 7901 8500;

Sabrina Shah-Desai, London Mrs Shah-Desai's waiting room is packed with devoted patients who praise not only her on-point eye procedures but also her ability to lift your spirits as well as your delicate eyelid skin.

A champion of the Restylane range of fillers, she uses it to gently arch eyebrows without making you look frozen, and also to fill gaunt-looking temples: 'This is a key area for brides, especially if they have been on a diet,' she says.'The cost of losing weight is that you also lose facial fat. I call them the "temples of doom", as gauntness in this area pulls your brows down.'

She is also a master at correcting eye bags with her own Eye-Boost treatment, which uses Restylane Vital Light, a watery product, to gently plump hollows before strategically placing a thicker filler on the bone at the cheek junction for a natural-looking result.

THE LOWDOWN Consults, £200; Eye-Boost, £750; fillers, from £400 (07952 028397;

Dr Marko Lens, London

To his roster of high-profile clients, Dr Lens is the skin whisperer. Pop princesses and Hollywood royalty swear by his signature Oxy Detox Peel, which puts the colour back into grey skin with enzymes that munch their way through dead cells and hydrogen peroxide, a molecule that stimulates oxygen production for that coveted glow.

Always on call for emergency situations, he offers SOS spot injections of cortisone to take down major eruptions the day before you say 'I do'. He's also added high- performance make-up to his popular Zelens skincare range to give the perfect finish for an epic wedding-day look.

THE LOWDOWN Oxy detox peel, from £250; SOS spot injections, from £100; mole removal, from £175 (020 76313212;

Best For Dazzling Decoletté

Dr Victoria Manning & Dr Charlotte Woodward, Hampshire

The ultimate power couple, this friendly doctor duo are riding high with an ever- expanding empire of clinics in London, the New Forest and Canford Cliffs near Bournemouth. Working as a team, they offer a blinding array of skin-brightening solutions, from acne-busting Botox - delivered in tiny doses to clear sebum and shrink pores - to Thermavein, a zappy machine that blitzes rogue capillaries and clears ruddiness.

They are also, most notably, two of the country's leading experts in face and body threading, a highly skilled technique in which light Silhouette Soft threads and/or slightly thicker PDO threads (made from the same material as dissolvable stitches) are strategically inserted under the skin, creating a supportive 'scaffold' to lift jowly necks, fallen faces, tweak eyebrows and even (subtly) raise a droopy cleavage.

THE LOWDOWN Botox, from £195, fillers, from £425, and thread lifting, from £300 (01590 608480;

Best For Hair

Iain Sallis, Nationwide

If wedmin stress has taken its toll on your hair or, worse still, has you shedding it, leading trichologist Iain Sallis, aka the Hair Medic, can help. Travelling between 11 clinics in the UK, Iain treats problems from itchy scalps to unexplained hair thinning. He seeks out the underlying issues, such as polycystic ovaries, vitamin deficiencies or thyroid problems, which he says account for about 80% of hair loss.

He also gives hope to balding grooms, fast-tracking them to the country's leading hair surgeons; Bessam Farjo, who does state-of-the-art hair transplants, is his No1 pick.

Iain also offers iGrow laser - a light therapy that's scientifically proven to speed up the production of hair cells, making hair grow faster and thicker - and his own brand of Hair Jelly protein supplements. 'Getting thick hair overnight is impossible, but upping your protein and iron intake will help,' he says.

THE LOWDOWN Consults, from £125; iGrow, from £500; supplement programmes, from £30 (0330 660 0648;