The Best Peony Alternatives For Your Wedding Flowers

Everyone loves peonies, but not everyone can have them at their wedding. We asked Dan from Maison de Fleurs to share his tips on how to get the same look for less or in the different seasons.

09 Aug 2018

If you’re dreaming of a big bunch of pale pink wedding flowers, chances are you’re dreaming of peonies. Undoubtedly the unofficial bloom of Instagram, peonies are not only incredibly photogenic but can be used throughout your wedding from bouquets to flower crowns and centrepieces.

“Peonies are in season from around the beginning of April through to May, when they’re look absolutely beautiful, and June,” says Dan fromMaison de Fleurs . “And then they start to peter out by July when you can buy the refrigerated ones, which are still lovely.”

But what happens when you’re set to get married in August? Or your budget can’t quite reach the flower of your Instagram dreams? Here are Dan’s best tips to getting the look no matter what your budget or wedding season.

David Austin Roses

Catherine Gratwicke

Best for year-round: roses

While it is possible to get peonies all year round, in winter they are flown in from New Zealand, which can come with its own risks.

“Flying them in from New Zealand doesn’t add as much to the cost as you might think, but it’s something I wouldn’t suggest because there’s always the risk that the delivery might not come.”

And so according to Dan, one of the best alternatives is roses. Now we know what you’re thinking. The roses you see at Sainsburys are far from a peony substitute. But wit over 150 species of roses, there actually ones that look exactly like the real deal.

“They don’t open massively, but they do give the same effect in a bouquet. Unless you really know your stuff, most people will look at them and think they’re baby peonies. And they’re available all year round,” says Dan.

Some of Maison de Fleur’s favourites include:

This bouquet features Sarah Bernhardt peonies alongside Festiva maxima, Madame Cord Tame and Shirley temple peonies

Best for budget: Sarah Bernhardt peonies

If you’ve got your heart set on those fluffy candy pink peonies that you commonly see at the florist in spring, then you’re in luck!

“Sarah Bernhardt are a type of peony that typically grows in the garden,” says Dan. “ And because they’re grown in the UK, they tend to sit at a mid-range price, whereas the peonies that are grown in Holland will be higher in price.”

Faux open peony, Amaranthine Blooms

Best for budget and year-round: faux peonies

Before images of dusty and plastic-looking fake flowers fill your brain, you need to meet the new and highly improved generation of faux flowers.

“At Maison De Fleurs we have the best faux flowers,” explains Dan. “Faux is becoming really popular, especially when mixed with real."

"So if there’s an element we can’t get, you can opt for faux and I promise you, no one will be able to tell.”

Not only does faux help to keep the cost down, but it’s also a great way to wow your guests with large floral statements while keeping to your budget.

“With big arrangements or flower walls, you can mix fresh below and faux up high to keep the cost down, and your guests will never know.”