And it's also for spa! Put them together and what have you got? The three best spa sleep treatments, ideal for pre-wedding wind-downs:

1. The underwater hug

This floating, pool-based therapy is used to treat chronic insomnia. During the massage, your therapist (yep, she's in the water with you) gently pulls and stretches your limbs, as the rest of your body is supported by floats. It's an intimate experience but for those prepared to go with the flow, the results are great.

Watsu massage, from £120 for 50 minutes, Akasha at

2. The massage

The power of scent is key to this über-relaxing treatment. Using a blend of vetivert, chamomile and sandalwood - which are all renowned for their calming effects - the session begins with a warming foot ritual, followed by a top-to-toe massage using Swedish techniques to release any untapped tension. The end result will definitely require a cab-ride home and (be warned) a seriously early night.

Sleep deeply, from £50,

3. The fix-it clinic

This bespoke three-month programme, developed with the Royal Brompton Sleep Clinic, will tackle everything from mild sleeplessness to more serious conditions. You'll be treated to hypnosis, acupuncture and meditation alongside personal training and nutritional advice, all in the gorgeous Grace Belgravia, London's first luxury women-only health club.

From £1,500 for a three-month bespoke programme,


As seen in the March/April 2015 issue of Brides