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The 6 Best Things About Being Married

Ok, so the wedding fun is over. No more spreadsheets, late-night emails or wedding nightmares. And that’s just the beginning. These are the best things about being married and the stuff totally worth shouting about...

No more planning stress

Congratulations, you can now actually enjoy your free time (yep, that means you have your weekends back, finally!). No need to feel guilty about sleeping in until noon or trying to juggle your manic day job with organising a wedding. You’re a free human.

You’ve got someone on your side for life

Without being too soppy, one of the best things about being married is the sense of security you have with someone. They’re your snuggle-buddy for life and there to support you through the highs, lows and everything in between. You’re in it together now.

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The financial perks

Aside from being able to tackle the bills and expenses together, being married has other benefits - there are tax breaks for married couples, and private healthcare and insurance benefits if you sign up as a couple. These perks all come into play once it’s official.

You gain another family

Yes, you’ve married one person but that one person leads to a whole other group of people. Maybe you’re from a teeny family and you’ve married into a large one or vice-versa, or married someone whose family live abroad (free holidays!). Marriage means you have a bigger family to embrace and make life that bit richer.

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You can start planning a future together

Once you’re married, the future is yours to make together. You can start afresh - maybe it means buying a home together or redecorating. Perhaps you’ll want to start a travel bucket list or work out your career ambitions. And then there’s your own family to consider at some point. Exciting times ahead.

You can call your partner ‘husband’ or ‘wife’

This one takes a while to get used to but it’s funny how quickly it will start rolling off your tongue. For some, it finally feels right to call your spouse ‘wife’ or ‘husband’, especially for couples who've been dating for nearly a decade (or more). It sounds grown-up and serious and, well, it’s really rather nice.

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