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03 Oct 2015

Brides The Show
London Olympia, London
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Be still my beating make-up heart: one of my favourite colour brands ever, Bobbi Brown, is taking over the beauty 'hood for the third consecutive year at Brides The Show this weekend.

All weekend, the BB Pro team will live-demo four beautiful bridal looks for you to soak up like a sponge and help you achieve your dream wedding vision. On the stand will be Hannah Martin, the incredibly talented BB bridal expert who provided make-up artistry assistance at the Royal wedding, and the super-gifted Amy Conway, who assists Bobbi backstage at all the London and New York Fashion Week shows. If you're planning on doing your own make-up, you'll learn how to match the right colours to your skintone and pick up tons of clever tips and application tricks. If you're getting a make-up artist in, this is a brilliant starting-point for inspiration and experimentation. So what bridal looks are the team showcasing?


What's the general look? To celebrate either your lips or your eyes (whichever you feel is your strongest asset) and making them centre stage. Using the beautiful new Luxe Lip Color lipsticks (these are the Rolls-Royce of lippies girls), the team will show you how to paint the most supreme lip you've ever worn, carefully drawing out a natural lip-line for invisible enhancement and shape, and how to make it last all day with the minimum of re-application. They'll explain how to balance a bold lip with the appropriate eye and complexion make-up so that you don't look too vampy or too washed out, which is always the trickiest bit. A dark plummy lip is a huge trend for autumn too, so this will be a brilliant way to see it in action. Or if you're an eye girl, the team will demonstrate how to do a professional feline flick, and how to judge the rest of your make-up to accompany it.

Who's this masterclass for? Brides who are wearing either a show-stopping gown (to match the drama) or an ultra-modern simplistic dress (so that your make-up becomes your main accessory).


What's the general look? Fresh-faced, glowy, just-stepped-off-Jay-Z's-yacht-sun-kissed, with an air of ethereal summer goddess. Bobbi is an absolute genius at girl-crush products such as lustrous gleamy highlighters, skin-true bronzers and shimmering toffee eyeshadows, and this is your chance to see them applied masterfully. It's not easy to achieve the right balance of effortless and effective with this sort of dewy beach-babe make-up, but the team will go take you through it step-by-step. Top tip: listen out for where to place your highlighter, bronzer and complexion colours, because flash photography might display this as shiny and patchy if you don't get it just right.

Who's this masterclass for? Late spring or summer brides getting married outside, or abroad, where natural sunlight will enhance all that pretty strobing and bronzing action.


What's the general look? Remember Kate Middleton's fresh, simple and elegant combination of pretty pink cheeks, rosy lips and softly defined eyes? This is what I call the English Rose: Modern Princess Edition, and it's BB's signature classic bridal style. When I meet readers, I very often hear the line "I don't really wear make-up but I want to look good in photos", and this is the look I suggest. It's all about getting a sheer, long-lasting complexion base (Bobbi's new Skin Serum Foundation is perfect for this medium-coverage look) and gently enhancing your cheeks, eyes and lips without going overboard. There's nothing scary, dramatic or shouty about this look, and it suits every age and every skintone. You can easily ramp up one element throughout the day, too: for instance, a quick rub of black kohl eyeliner in the waterline adds a hint of evening sophistication, or an extra swipe of bright pink lipgloss can liven up an 8pm adrenaline slump before the party gets going.

Who's this masterclass for? Everyone, including your mum and bridesmaids. It's failsafe and works with any wedding style.


What's the general look? Come-hither eyes are a girl's best friend, and this smokey-eye lesson will teach you all the secrets to getting it right. They say that the eyes are the windows to our soul: well, darlings, my soul is a hedonistic pleasure-seeker with a mischievous glint and it's peeking out through a windowframe of dark, sooty lids, inky eyeliner and four coats of Bobbi Brown No Smudge Mascara. If you love a smokey, like I do, why would you not want to wear it on your wedding day, the day where you show your loved ones your truest, most unabashed traits? So go for it I say, do a major eye and a sexy neutral lip. It's what J-Lo would do, and she's the queen of everything.

Who's this materclass for? For brave brides who love a power eye. It's a great look for evening weddings in Autumn/Winter, fuelled by candlelight and champagne, wearing your new husband's tux jacket over your shoulders.

DON'T FORGET! I'll be at Brides The Show On The Sofa at 2.30pm on Saturday 3rd October with beauty editor Astrid Joss, chatting about our own wedding make-up looks, which included some BB iconic products. We have a big surprise for you too. See you there! Book tickets on