One of the biggest beauty trends for 2018 is becoming one of Bobbi Brown PRO and Artistry Manager Hannah Martin's most requested bridal looks: the radiant, lit-from-within glow.

At Brides The Show 2017, not only were the Bobbi Brown PRO artists the masters behind the gorgeous make up look on the Paris In Love catwalk (if you love a statement lip, you'll definitely want to see the full look here), they were also on hand to share tips and tricks for big-day beauty via their infamous masterclasses.

We sat in on Hannah's glowing bridal make-up class, and picked up these must-know tips for glowing skin:

1. No concealer/foundation will look as good without good skincare. The most important first step for any long-lasting makeup look is investing in a good skincare routine. You want to make sure that your skin is cushioned, but not saturated - too much product and you risk the make up sliding straight off your face.

2. Choose an illuminating primer with correcting colour pigments. Bobbi Brown's makeup-skincare hybrid Illuminating Moisturising Balm adds a natural glow with red, gold and green pigments to enhance skin tone without looking too grey or ashy.

3. Getting the right concealer and foundation shades are really important. Particularly for under your eyes, it's crucial to get matched so that the colour brightens and illuminates, as well as conceals. If it's too dark, it'll only exaggerate dark circles.

4. Choose a foundation without SPF. Hannah's favourite to use on all her brides is the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick because it doesn't contain SPF. While it's essential to use SPF every day, on your wedding day, the titanium dioxide can cause an ashy 'bounceback' in photographs and make you appear washed out.

5. While you want to glow in all the right places, you'll want to keep your T-Zone matte. Use an eyeshadow blending brush to dust powder over your T-Zone so that shine is not mistaken for perspiration.

6. For a natural, dewy glow, use a cream blusher and bronzer. Use a darker blush in place of a bronzer to softly contour, followed with a brigher blusher.

7. Apply more blusher than you usually would. When wearing ivory, once the blusher wears off a little, you run the risk of looking a little tired. Make sure one of your bridesmaids keeps a blush pot on hand to top up throughout the day.

8. Amp up the glow with a golden highlighter. Apply to the top of the cheekbones and across the eyelids to tie the look together.

9. Match up your lip colour and blusher tone for a pulled-together look. When thinking about your wedding makeup look, consider the colours you are putting together. If you're going with a peachy blush, pick a peach-based lip colour. Similarly, if you're going pink, a lipstick with pink undertones would look beautiful.

10. For a gorgeous, glowing eye, a long-wear eyeshadow stick is your best friend. Plus: It will. not. budge. Apply to your lid straight from the bullet and buff in with an eyeshadow brush. Make sure to line the underneath of your eye, too, to open them up.

For the full makeup masterclass, re-watch the live stream on our Facebook now.