Are you considering having a cosmetic procedure? We reveal who to go to if you're looking to sculpt your curves or minimise the appearance of cellulite, among other body treatments. Because we know it's vital to check a practitioner's credentials before agreeing to a procedure, the doctors featured in our round up are all fully accredited and experts in their field.

The Ultimate Body Contouring

Everybody loves celebrity consultant, Dr. Powell, who runs the SculpSure fat-busting laser treatments (from £250). If you're shopping for a Brazilian beach body, Dr. Powell knows better than anybody how fat stores are laid down, and performs all treatments himself. For bigger bulges on the tummy this treatment is perfect, as the suction cup grips the skin with the cool plates for deeper, more effective penetration.

The result? Thighs will be slimmed, baggy bingo wings lifted, curves contoured, and your body will look substantially smoother. Cool down time is around six-weeks, you will feel a little sore for the first two weeks with not much of a result, but by the time you enter week six the inches will literally fall off.

But how does it work? The SculpSure device at LaserSculpt simultaneously utilises up to four 1060nm diode lasers that fire through a sapphire crystal window which rests against your skin. A coolant circulates under the sapphire crystal keeping your skin at an optimal temperature and ensuring no damage. The laser heats the targeted stubborn fat to between 45-47C triggering the fat cells to die over a subsequent period of 6-12 weeks. Hello new you!

WHO TO SEE: Dr. Powell at LaserSculpt ( email:

The Silhouette Shaper

enCurve (from £500) is the latest non- surgical alternative to liposuction that claims to target stubborn fat areas that no amount of exercise can shift. Featuring a three-panelled shield, it hovers just above the skin over the tummy and flanks, treating the whole waistline in one go - oh, and it can also be used on the bum. The machine emits a radio-frequency current that works to heat up fat cells to 45°C, destroying them permanently so they can be flushed out through the body over the course of a few weeks.

The only challenge with the treatment is that you have to stay absolutely still, with your arms by your sides, for the full 40 to 60-minute treatment time. But, on the whole, the experience is really rather relaxing and not too hot, thanks to an inbuilt fan that blows cool air onto the skin. Four to six treatments, one week apart, are recommended for best results.

WHO TO SEE Natasha Rulfe at the Wellness Clinic, Harrods, London (020 7225 5678;

The Dimple Destroyer

Jelly bellies, baggy bottoms and even wobbly arms are all fair game for Dr Sebagh's new Body Perfecting Treatment (from £800). This rigorous three-step procedure targets stubborn cellulite and water retention and begins with a reality check, as the doctor grades your cellulite to see what can be done. If you've got Grade 1 cellulite (a light dimpling) rather than Grade 3 (full-on cushioning), you might be let off the initial mesotherapy injections that are cocktailed with ingredients such as L-carnitine, which speeds metabolism, or artichoke extract that is, apparently, just the thing to drain excess liquid. Next, the Ultralift machine, which fires focused ultrasound to target and tighten the muscle layer below the skin, is run up the backs of the thighs and across the bottom to stimulate collagen networks for a smoother, more lifted silhouette.

There is no sugarcoating it: this is painful - imagine a sharp electric stabbing pain that makes most people swear and squeak. Finally, skin is polished and tightened further with the new Scarlet S machine, which has lots of tiny needles that fire a radio-frequency current (not as bad as it sounds) to tighten the skin, reducing puckering. Results vary from case to case - some people need a top-up treatment or two, whereas others reap the benefits for up to a year.

WHO TO SEE Dr Anna Marie Olsen at the Dr Sebagh Clinic, London (020 7637 0548;

The Bicep Booster

Nothing ruins the dream of a strapless, princess-style dress faster than baggy bingo wings, but there's no need to flap if you know about CoolSculpt's new CoolAdvantage Petite (from £800). This is a new handpiece designed to grip excess upper-arm flesh and safely freeze underlying fat cells down to -11°C so that they shatter and are gradually flushed out through the body, revealing significantly leaner-looking arms.

Each arm only takes 35 minutes to treat and there is little downtime - although some people do bruise, so book in well before the wedding and preferably in winter months, when you can cover up the evidence with a long- sleeved jumper. One treatment will usually do the trick, but more severe cases may need to budget for a top-up treatment three months later. The effects should last for a few years, provided you watch your diet. WHO TO SEE Magda Szczukiewicz at the Cosmetic Skin Clinics in London and Buckinghamshire (01753 646 660;

The Back Refiner

When unsightly, unwelcome spots appear on your back and threaten to blight your big day, it's good to know about The Ultimate INTRAcel (from £815). This two-stage treatment combines an Obagi Blue Peel Radiance (painted on the back to dry out oily skin) with INTRAcel, a rather ferocious radio- frequency machine that has a needle- pronged head that's applied to spotty trouble areas to interrupt the sebaceous glands, so that skin produces less oil. The needles also stimulate collagen production to thicken up and retexture skin, softening the appearance of acne scarring, while the radio-frequency current helps tighten up larger pores and heats the surface of skin to kill off bacteria, stopping new breakouts from occurring. While this treatment is highly effective, it is pretty intense - it can feel like having hot needles stuck into your back and your skin can feel slightly sunburnt for a few hours afterwards. This is not a quick fix, either - most people need a course of three treatments (paced monthly), but after the first one, skin is noticeably clearer, with best results peaking around six months later.

WHO TO SEE Dr Natalie Blakely at the Light Touch Clinic in Surrey (01932 849 552; The Thigh Slimmer

If you've sweated up a storm in the gym or pounded round the park but still feel your legs are on the heavy side, Exilis (from £850) can help. This machine craftily combines a radio-frequency current that's run up and down flabby areas to stimulate collagen production (firming up sagginess and improving the look of cellulite) with ultrasound that is fired deeper to tighten the fascia (that's the fibrous tissue that surgeons usually pull when they are doing a body lift) to reduce thigh circumference. Results do vary, and this works better on those who are just looking to tone up, rather than anyone hoping for more extreme results. Some people have reported losing up to an inch on each thigh (the equivalent of a jeans size) and it is said to work particularly well on flattening the pocket above the knees. Exilis also has the added benefit of being relatively pain-free (and, dare we say, almost enjoyable), as it feels like a hot-stone massage tinged with the occasional 'ouch'. There is no downtime but, for best results, a course of six weekly treatments is recommended.

WHO TO SEE Dr Galyna Selezneva at the Dr Rita Rakus Clinic, London (020 7460 7324; The Chest Rejuvenator

When your body cream is just not cutting it, step forward Juvéderm Volite (from £350), a new injectable hyaluronic acid treatment that promises to hydrate skin from within, delivering that much-coveted dewy décolleté. Far lighter and more subtle than a filler, Juvéderm Volite is dispensed in micro- droplet injections which are scattered from the neck (where it helps to soften the appearance of horizontal neck bands), across the chest and down to blur deep vertical lines in the cleavage. You don't need to worry about experiencing discomfort or feeling this too much, as Volite has an inbuilt anaesthetic in its formula, making the injections virtually painless. However, be warned, there is some downtime involved, with post- treatment pin pricks (that look a bit like measles) taking a day or two to settle down. Ten days later, though, skin looks tighter, clearer and more luminous. We also love the fact that unlike other mesotherapies, which usually require a course of treatments, this is a one-shot deal - with its skin-smoothing benefits lasting between six to nine months. WHO TO SEE Dr Jonquille Chantrey at her clinics in Cheshire and London (01625 585990;

Best For A Hot Honeymoon

Dr David Jack London

If you want a Kardashian-esque posterior, head to Dr Jack's cosy wood-panelled treatment rooms - home to the Inmode Body FX. This shape-shifting machine uses radio frequency, deep-tissue heating and suction, coupled with electrical pulses, to lift bum cheeks, smooth cellulite and tone thighs.

Dr Jack trained as a surgeon but prefers a far less invasive approach, so instead of going for liposuction, ask him about CarboMix, a new device that treats multiple skin issues including cellulite and skin laxity.

Heated carbon dioxide is injected deep into the skin using a tiny needle, which increases blood flow to the area, causing new collagen networks to form, and selective fat cells to die, for smoother-looking limbs. About eight 10-minute sessions are needed for rear-of-the-year-worthy results.

THE LOWDOWN CarboMix, from £130 per session; Inmode Body FX, from £170 (020 7589 6309;

Dr Galyna Selezneva, London

'For me it's all about the wedding dress,' says Dr Selezneva, whose body-cinching treatments include CoolSculpting fat-freezing for tummies, the new flab-busting SculpSure laser for nipping in hips, and LipoCell, a machine that helps sculpt the thighs. 'I try to give a 360° overall reduction, rather than just doing spot treatment,' she says.

'I want my brides to feel confident, so if you're wearing strapless, I'll help tone your upper arms with a combination of CoolSculpting, to reduce the bulk of a bingo wing, and UltraCel - a machine that tightens flesh so you get a more athletic-looking arm.'

Claiming to have personally road-tested every treatment, Dr Selezneva is honest about what's involved and when you'll need to grit your teeth. Patients love the fact that she really empathises, and she often makes it onto the wedding guest list.

THE LOWDOWN CoolSculpting, from £850; SculpSure, from £450 per applicator; UltraCel, from £1,500 (020 7460 7324;

Dr Jean-Marc Chardonneau, London

Planning to go short on dress and long on legs? If so, Dr Chardonneau's probably your new best friend. A surgeon by training (specialising in varicose veins and liposuction), he also offers a menu of non- nvasive routes to perfect pins.

He tackles everything from snaky varicose veins (with foam sclerotherapy, a treatment that fills veins with a solution to shut down the blood supply) to niggly networks of spider veins (using phlebotherapy, acid injections that shrink the wall of the veins). He's pretty hot on needles and uses mesotherapy to target a range of problems, from slimming heavy legs to tightening up thighs.

An expert on cellulite (yup, he has a mesotherapy mix for this, too), he hand-blends special anti- cellulite creams for some of the world's top models, so join the queue and walk up the aisle with some runway-style swagger.

THE LOWDOWN Mesotherapy for cellulite, from £300; phlebotherapy, from £250; laser treatment, from £120 (020 7486 5134;