She's done over 1,000 weddings, so who better to tell your how to look beautiful than make-up artist (and cover queen) Sarah Brock?

Readers' most common question is eye-shadow colours to choose. Any advice?

Do you want a natural or dramatic look? For a natural style, choose a soft taupe eye shadow with a chocolate eyeliner, or a soft pink eye shadow with a grey eyeliner. For a dramatic look, avoid black as it can look harsh in photos. Opt for light gray eye shadow with a dark grey eyeliner instead. Use black mascara to intensify the eyes; brown just isn't strong enough.


How can a bride ensure her make-up lasts all day without it looking plastered on?

Start with a clear primer to prevent your complexion make up fading. Choose a foundation that;s light and not to matt. To ensure your eye make-up doesn't crease, use an eye-shadow primer like Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (£14.50). Apply lip liner over the whole lip area, then three coats of lipstick with a brush, blotting in-between with a tissue, with a dot of gloss over the top.

What's the biggest mistake brides make?

Wearing the wrong type of foundation. Get colour-matched by a make-up artist at a counter and ask for samples. As a guide, I recommend a light dewy formulation applied in a thin layer all over.


How do you get the right balance between'special' and too 'made up'?

Consider your normal make-up look and aim for something in-between. Don't do too OTT - no one will recognise you!

What make-up look never dates?

The 'English rose' look: fresh skin with natural tones on the eyes (taupe/cream/brown) and a hint of pink on the cheeks and lips.

What looks do grooms seem to love?

Grooms prefer a 'less is more' approach and seem to hate the 'painted doll' effect.


Should you accentuate your eyes or lips?

Either, but just one. If you're wearing a veil, avoid lip gloss as the veil may stick to it!

Which simple tweaks have the most impact?

False eyelashes - they make eyes look stunning. After applying mascara, I use six individual lashes dotted along the lash line (strip lashes can look too heavy).

What is a must-have for a bride?

I can't tell you the number of times I've arrive on the wedding morning and the bride hasn't slept a wink, leaving her with red, swollen eyes. That's when I get out Sisley Eye Contour Mask (£73). It calms the skin in minutes and 'blurs' fine lines.


What are top tips for brides shunning the professional route?

Spend more money on foundation. If your skin looks fantastic, you can get away with cheaper eye, cheek and lip colours. Don't use too much sparkle as it will show up in flash photography and look 'sweaty'. And don't colour-match your make-up to your bridesmaids' dresses. Stick to natural tones.

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