Bridal Beauty Questions with Makeup Artist Sophie McMullan

01 Mar 2018

A freelance makeup artist and beauty writer with over ten years of experience, Sophie McMullan of Beautisserie is our go-to person for all things bridal beauty. After creating all of the beautiful looks at our Brides in Belgravia event, we spent some time with Sophie to ask her our pressing bridal beauty questions.

What's your favourite look from fashion week that transcends to the big day?

The catwalks are awash with looks to inspire us and I'm happy to say, glowing fresh makeup is more fashionable than ever. The trend for 'glass skin' was prevalent at Erdem where smoothness and clarity is key. To create that hyper-natural look for bridal beauty, you need to be very strategic with your concealing, coverage, colour correction and highlighting.

I love seeing designers like Isabel Marant pare-back their models faces. That, along with a boyish bushy brow like those at J.W. Anderson, it's the perfect 'no makeup makeup'. I've had microblading at Browhaus recently, which I'd highly recommend trying if yours need a bit of beefing up.

Bronzed and golden eyes continue to dominate, as seen at Temperley. Go for a warm tone like rose-gold which will suit every skintone and enhance all eye shades. Oscar de la Renta was all about glitter and glimmer so don't be afraid to experiment with a little sheen too.

Bid a fond farewell to contouring, it's more about 'draping' your cheek shades so that blusher and highlighter work in unison to promote your inner-glow, see Valentino for inspo.

What are your top makeup tricks & tips for a bride on her big day?

Preparation is key. Starting with your skincare routine, double cleanse every day. Ensure your serum and moisturisers have a good dose of hyaluronic acid and at night, introduce a retinol into your routine, renewing the skin cells as you sleep. Acid exfoliators, hydrating toners, moisture masks and drink three litres of water a day. Light layers of makeup, setting gradually, will last much better than slathering it on.

Take the time to 'pinpoint' conceal only where you need to, blend and enhance your features softly, allowing plenty of time and enjoy the process. I always do a facial massage prior to makeup application too, it allows the blood-flow to be stimulated, collagen production is promoted and it's all rather relaxing too!

Who is your favourite beauty influencer to follow on Instagram for big day inspiration, and why?

Lisa Eldridge has been an inspiration to me since I was a teenager. I've followed her career through social media, Youtube, her amazing book and I even have a DVD! She has a very calming, trusting presence. Her makeup artistry is so skilled yet she demonstrates in a way that is achievable and relatable for her followers. I also love her vintage style and passion for the vast history of makeup.

The one product a bride shouldn't spend her big day without is…

Can I say two?! Firstly, powder. If your makeup is done well, it should be pretty bullet-proof. The only thing that will need attention is a little shine here and there which a dab of translucent powder will fix. Pressed is best as it will fit in your clutch and there's no mess. As the day wears into the evening, you'll need your lippie to hand. Kissing, eating, drinking and chatting will all take its toll on your smackers so have your lip products to hand for essential touch-ups.

What products should a bride take on honeymoon?

Interesting. I suppose it depends what kind of honeymoon destination you're going on. To save time and effort, I'd recommend the option of getting eyelash extensions. They last approximately three weeks and will save on mascara and curlers, so you wake up looking glam in an instant! Other than that, if you're going somewhere warm, sunscreen.

And finally, what does 2018 have in store for you?

I'm loving that women are realising the power of makeup and the importance of getting it applied professionally. The early part of this year has been fully booked with trials and I'm so excited to beautify all of my clients for their big day. Other than that, I'm doing more editorial, commercials (on air now!) and some really interesting VIP clients. More beauty writing is also happening and lots of exciting work with my favourite team, Brides Magazine!