Garters. They are pretty much the last thing on our wedding list but sooner or later, somehow, the thought does pop into our head. Hmmmmmm. Should I get a garter? If not on your wedding day then really just for the fun of it, such as on your hen night. I am the last person who thought I'd ever wear a garter and then found myself prancing around in one and really very proudly on my hen night around Mayfair of all (the non-gaterish) places! Fear not. It was hidden under a long dress! But I liked the fact I was wearing one and so ticking the box of one of those 'To Do' bridal traditions. One has to try these things once! So if you are going to wear it on your wedding day, wedding night (!) or hen party you may as well go for a really pretty one. I have just discovered a great designer Laura George who makes garters with real diamonds, sapphires and rubies, priced £825 to £2,550 if you really want to go for it! These garters are supplied with an 18ct white gold chain to make into a beautiful keepsake necklace. For the more regular sorts she makes them in white, ivory, pale blue and pale pink to boudoir colours of black, red and fuchsia, priced from £22 to £28. She also does bespoke garters for brides looking for something different. Another fun place to try is Glitzy Secrets who do a lovely range in satin and lace from £40. Go on - give it a go and just have some fun with it!